# Hold to Maintain% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter4 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 27 January 2011 at 17:44

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With a still position so close,,, their noses were linked, and Jimmy pin finally took the initiative to invite Jean, his wife was to dance,,, incidentally,, the song being played is “I Just Call to Say I Love You” even though only the instrument, they were dancing,, Jean is draping his arms in the beginning is now down one of them is left to hold on to Jimmy’s right hand,,, all was quiet again,,, but very romantic for them, and Jimmy who put his hand left hand for holding the waist Jean,,, with a slow steady pace himself to avoid touched by Jean’s body that can-can on his stomach that was carrying the fruit of her love for it,,,, until late in the dance, where fine dining restaurant has been able to trick them into a Ball Room,,,, really nice,,,, and the last time they sat down to eat beefsteak,,, which apparently also has begun to cool it,,,, then closed with his ice cream desserts,,, vanilla,,, instead, this time for a special occasion for Jean, then Jimmy was the attention given ice cream chocolate, decorated with a strawberry on top end,, interesting is not it? who is not jealous of this couple, until they come out too,, all the eyes of people who are in the restaurant was still just follow the steps they walk,, to disappear from the corridor to the parking lot his car,,,,
# 3 days later,,,, In the Office of Jimmy,,, L.A. Hospital Directory 12; 00 nights ~
Jimmy is exhausted in a thick black swivel chair that was leaning on his favorite chair just to think about what is presumably being conducted by his wife,, what Jean might be asleep, or even yet? only to wait for his arrival?,, but,,, where possible,, a pregnant woman,, I can only be changed every habit,,, but at 11 he’s usually the woman of his beloved wife had been headed to bed,,, flanking one roll to the left, without using a pillow to lean on,,, but strange,, to what Jean did sleep with a style like that,, it is usually the woman happy without rolling and using the most comfortable pillow? but after all is his wife Jean,, so no need to bother thinking about the habit Jimmy’s wife,, Jim wanted to call Jean to ask is what her at home, what might be in pain? how Jim can be calm because it was 2 days he was not at his residence, the, to stay in the hospital with his colleagues to deal with labor problems which persecuted the one of a country in asia,,,, somewhere, the, face severe,, broken, and the most severe, her heart go unsheathed, and injured because of a sharp knife slice ‘queries from the employer that,,, terrible,,, Jean is at home not to hear this news that her beloved husband is busy dealing with this patient,,, oh, no,,, “Actually I wanted to go home,,, but,,,, what if I could not contain my feelings,,, can-can I drooled my only in order to not do it,,, “Jimmy was mengguman in that lonely,,, Ah,, suddenly she discovered a new method,, read a small bottle of black that reads one brand of tranquilizers, such as morphine that,,, for what, , yes, of course to be injected into his own hands, so he could control the subconscious mind,, in order to go home without his pregnant wife slept with it,, that ban,,, for pregnant women,,, she invites her husband chatting,,,, in such a thing, which is very private in that household,,,
20 minutes later, when he got Jimmy in his apartment ,,,,~
“SRK,, SRRKKK,,,, ,,,,” SRKK footsteps Jimmy Jean also makes a not so sleepy it was turned slightly to see if it sounds correct her husband Jimmy Black woman,,,, tried to get up but his stomach sudden pain until,, Jean was forced to imprison his intention to see who it was,,, all of a sudden, without sound,,, not old, Jim was on his left side, without a voice indeed,, can not always come as a shock to her just to say hello and whatever it is somehow like the forehead or a casual kiss kiss her,,, but this is different, although Jimmy did not sleep,,, can be seen from the eyes which had been kept open,, , but,,, for some reason like lifeless like that, like Mummy,,, her eyes are also very empty, lifeless to the point that it seems,,, Jean,, she was doing this all trying just to take care of you,, and ,.,,, your baby Jean is increasingly worried about any seat,,, patting the shoulder of the husband who had just returned from his hospital stay of it, instead of greeting or to wake him was as a preamble,,, even went to sleep,, Jimmy Jean badly mistaken this is daydreaming,, was thinking about the fate of her patients,,,, Jim, Jim,,, Jim, are you sick, it groaned, which seemed about to cry,,,, come on, Jim,, , wake up,,, do not make Jean worry,,, with silence like this,,, Jim was finally woke up,, try,,, wake up, yes, so exactly,, but still cool,,, he touched Jean,, cause is still under the control of its sedative that,,, Jimmy just holding his wife’s cheek bone, and talked to the extent only,,,, “go to sleep,,,” Jean is puzzled by the attitude of her husband,, was silent,, ,, and remained silent,, what is this,,, what was meant, Jimmy just now,, what he did not miss with Jean,, but,, just a very exaggerated sense of longing that, until Jimmy is puzzled by his efforts to control this time, ,,
Jean is increasingly upset and could not contain his emotions this time, she finally cried she, too, at the edge of his bed was,,, where the feet are flat on the marble floor,,,, and his body is still sitting on the edge his bed was,,, her lacy black dress was a little saggy in the rope that hangs on the shoulder it,,, was slightly decreased,, sag,, exactly,,, even Jean did not realize, until her breast less visible parts of her that was made Jimmy wake up and fix it,,, honest,,, Jean who tipped his hand woman, both of them to cover her face was wet because it is flooded with cries that began,, unstoppable torrent it was,, Jim is finished raising her shoulder strap nightie that was realized by sound uncontrollably from his wife this time, he who feels guilty even thrust his face into the direction of Jean,, “what, you cry? there is hurt mu?,, I did not speak to let you continue to rest without bothering you,,, dear,,, do not cry anymore huh? I love you,,, really, I just do not want this night,, there are not supposed to be such incident a week ago, where I do not know if you is pregnant, if I knew it long ago,,, I’m not going to do,, with a bold — “” WHAT I AM SO EVIL? SO YOU MUST BE NEAR tortured if front of me? ” “Do you mean,,, you want us tonight ,,,—-“” who warned you not to do it,,,, anyway, there’s no law that says if a husband deprived of sleep with his wife during the wife was pregnant,,, say me,, so far this scare you? FOOL! ” “But I just do not want our baby,,,” “kiss me,,, do something that is not going to bus us both ….. forget”
Statement or request, and even Jim is usually wild, the more do not understand,,, but Jean is suddenly trying to sit on his lap again aware of the effect of low doses of sedatives that,,, “come on,,, we do now,, ,, “” let ,,,,” Jim replied, hugging his wife located on the left, holding Jim’s face,,, so was Jimmy who was still clutching her stomach next to it so as not about anything around the abdomen Jean, who might be fatal to the health of their babies also Jean,,, Jim, who felt uncomfortable even reverse the position,, with the overthrow his position,,, until Jean was underneath it with both hands his wife, who increasingly tight holding neck beautiful woman’s husband, “I just know how beautiful your neck sticks today,,, I never realized it,,,” with Jimmy that has been open shirt buttons of his that was immediately leaned her head into the chest Jean,,, at first glance,, , and immediately got up to fondle her tiny lips that …. feel the sensation on his head is still spinning it, actually, but,, he is lucky .. do not fall into the wrong arms,, biting his lip Jean crushing the entire surface of the starting wet, biting the bottom,, occasionally,, until sometimes the valve is slightly open lips Jean,,, and Jimmy was entering his julur tool to crack that, as he did when she woke from a coma and in a state of severe dehydration that time,,, although this time Jean is asked directly, so of course Jean prepared for it,, without having difficulty breathing,,, or even choking, or wide-eyed,,,, for the treatment of this woman’s husband this time,,, Jim who releasing sudden, makes Jean growing wild,,,, pulled Jim wrist,,,, until Jim,,, had dropped and suppress Jean,, fortunately not until about the woman’s stomach,,, and still gaping with open mouth,,,, But again caress the chin sulk with Jean,, down,, getting down to the bottom, until parts of the breast Jean,, Jin Amused,, was held to squirm, but still,, shifted position ….. to move the mouth of Jim also to replace her neck,,, inhaled it,,, suck,,, and left three red path in there,,,, but not angry Jean,, they finally fell asleep,,, with position, ,, as before,,,, Jean who was on the right body of Jimmy,, without any limbs that hang over the bed,,, with a face, that even though the same was closed, but smiling,,,, implied, ,, from the lips widened,, tugging on it,, till morning came,,, at 10 am as usual,,,


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