# A little Coercion% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter3 by Shin Rae Byung on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 at 20:50

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Jim who had been getting suspicious with the flare-annoying sounds both ears were obtained from the third was his personal assistant,, how can they exist in front of her window glass, it really sucks,,, since when after all they were there, , was the day that made tedious by the third act rude and very presumptuous of his servants was ,,,,, as soon as he pressed the red button a warning sign to his servants that which is right on the left side of his wardrobe where he secured his wife earlier, ,,, hufth,, her breath seemed relieved to see that the third servant went away,,,, eventually they left too,, basic,,, brain, Caucasians, and did not know privacy,,, how furious Jimmy who was busy making out with his wife was disturbed by the arrival of the waiter did not know they would consider it work,,, whereas if only Jimmy knew they brought clothes and Jean so do not be late to the office of each of these,,,, were in a bind as a subordinate, but however they are happy because they assume that their employer is the most prudent in attitude to his subordinates,, not infrequently poultice daughter Jean and Jim’s young master who took them to go out and eat together, never really differentiate status, here’s what they feel will be the envy of the servants who do not feel like they felt at this time,, since it began participating in the residence,,,
# Still in the Chamber of Jean-Jimmy 09: 45 am ~
Jim is soon recovered from his upset because once again made aware by Jean which again blew his breath the fresh to face Jim,, jim is increasingly exasperated and angry that it did not,, reflex wiping lip Jean,,, , for what is, there is no real order,, even more confused Jean,,, because her husband’s fingers are so wet because it had not touched anything since his sekeluar of kmar shower earlier,,, no nonsense, ” What are you doing? really silly, if only you know if your fingers are still very wet, baby … hehehe ,,,,,” “why are you laughing,,, let me see here,, if still wet ,,,,,,,”
Jim’s chin lifted slightly Jean rises to see if this is true wet her lips,,, and immediately wishes he had just kissed her and dodge,,, soon,, fear,, taxable gampar,, hahaha,, very funny,,, “heh,,, carelessly you that,, JIM !!!!” “Is important, it was not wet, and besides this very new, although we had a husband and wife,,, you just never ignore him,,,, casual kiss is just natural, like a greeting to the couple so, , “explained Jim who then approached again,,, trying to whisper something into the ear Jean,,,” Jean,, will you honeymoon with me? ” “What, what is less obvious statement to me yesterday? I feel it is not necessary ,,,,” Jean replied that whispered too,,” Ah, come on-lah,,, I promise I will not be something,,, occurs in infants we,,, where there father wants to harm her own baby,,,, yes,, you’re going, right? ” Jimmy cooed the immediate holding Jean’s shoulder is still not fully clothed with him that, Jean is still awkward,,, just blinking,,, is unclear, because so confused,,, what should a woman chooses,, oh, where I may refuse if you know Jim would be very concerned with this,,, Jean finally decided to follow the will of the husband, with bold, Jean also took the right hand of Jim who recently held the slippery shoulder-i it,,, holding in his right hand and pulled her face,, kiss the hands of her husband,,, slowly,,, Jean winked assent was also the end, Jim was about to raise the excitement Jean, but Jean lucky who already knew her husband was weird habits,, , warned that the stomach is already growing a little angel who will accompany their candidate to enjoy the beauty of the world,,,, until Jim was a shy smile, and bowed resignedly,,, but still tried to hide his joy that the spread was,,,,
“Oh, yeah,, Jean,, why you did not eat his porridge, you do not like bean porridge,,,? Um,, what if I buy something,,, so you eat, you do not need to keep the body until like this,, for the sake of our baby is healthy,,, just beat your ego,,, anyway, I will not hate you when you’re not beautiful anymore,,, even, or something, because I love you not because of the face or your job, but your heart is always sincere to give with all my love, you know, “I hope so,,,” Jean who just shook his head to make Jim more and more forcefully until Jean reflex to pinch cheeks red, “AUWWW! I’m not not want a honeymoon,,, but,, still refuse to eat,,, “” Ouw,,, so,, sorry ya … I’m out of control today,,,, uh,, quick change of clothes,, and come with me … where if you ask,, has come on fast,,, “Jim is more confused because she had not even changed clothes immediately but instead just stay quiet,, with a face like a fool it,,, why again with Jean .,,,, “what should I dress for you?” Jim was teasing Jean until Jean once again be surprised as if to fall,,, but Jim is already standby just let the long arm to touch Jean,,, but Jean even say hard without thanks,, for holding his towel-i which seemed to have let go of his body bandaged it,,, but his hands could not hold-i all surfaces white towel that was because he was a little uncomfortable continue Jim’s hand covered her body, until some of her white thighs open it,,, “you it,, WHERE CAN I CHANGE CLOTHES WHILE YOU’RE HERE? ” Jim stared straight at once let go of his arms, and turned the body, immediately replace, he thought, although he thought to himself why I can not keep my wife, to stay in 1 room? only legitimate? weird,,,, 5 minutes already and Jean had been taking her clothes completely,, but wait there is a strange …..
Jean,,,, Jean,, herself a woman drove her Jimmy thought his work, though it will be eating out,, fancy restaurants,, in the vicinity of Harvard Avenue,,,, where they had spent periods of his childhood garden, ,, “Jean, do not wear uniforms, wear an elegant dress,,, just 5 minutes longer I wait for you in beautiful condition and ready ,,,,,,, I mean,, with a dress that fits,, your face already sweet,,,, I know,,, I was waiting below,, where my clothes,,, “Jim pulled a few pieces of clothing that is in the hands of Jean, and immediately went to the exit into the next room,,,, replace the jacket, ,
# In Car Jimmy 11; 00 to noon ,,,,~
“Are you hot ?,,,, you want to move to the back,,, or how, I could stop the car,,, you do not feel sick, do you?” Jean also shook his head,,,
not feel they’ve arrived in front of a fancy restaurant,,, Jimmy acquaintance, colleague in the hospital as well,, Chadwick Ben …. “Hi, Ben,, introduce this is my wife, Jean,,,” “Jean Avansta,,,, nice to meet you,,, Jim told me a lot about you,, your a great person,,,” said Jean who smiled as he looked down to give him respect …. occasionally,, “ah, Jim was excessive, I used it,, oh, this is my fiancee, Sarah Christie,,, next week we will inaugurate our relationship soon,,, happy again what if you want to come,, , to our small party,,, how “Jean and Jim replied almost simultaneously”,,, it’s not a bad thing “They laughed together,,,, hahaha ,,,,,
They were soon signed to invite Jim and Jean to sit in a chair they had prepared a special servant for Jimmy to his wife’s request,,,, in the front seat,,, on the left curtain covering it up could not be seen there is anything in it ,,, a violinist,,,, ballerina,,, trumpet player,,, saxofhone,,, so beautiful, until Jean was fascinated watching her,,, herself a woman could hardly believe how could the woman’s husband Jimmy This can prepare all this with lightning speed that,,, in just 1 hour ,,,,? ah, never mind,, the important thing she could enjoy it,,, like a dream, the day being a princess,,,, not a clown party this time, like real,,,,
Jim who turned out to give him a surprise by taking the trumpet and sang a song “Believe in Love” was very romantic,,,, Jean is not to be outdone was also planning to avenge dear husband’s appearance,,, piano, YAMAHA presented in front of him yes it was played,, by singing songs that had k-genre that blouse, she was a woman capable of making Jim’s wide-eyed and unable to speak,,, Jean was able to carry a tune,,, “It is You,,, “Kunggon,, dangsineat kunyo,, ulhan napakbale daldwinindabal,,,, baro,,,, dangsin neatkunyo,, bangsib obnenun,, wirohal neotpyeunji,, o. .. neangchorom tagkhawajyo,, kejumki kejugdul,,, getuin waenji mulatjo,,, dangsin meankunyo,, saram saranghejul narul,,, dangsini eyom,, kangsa kungceba chorom,, to sekyo jugyo aniniririang namnaincok,,, ijerarayo,, dangsinen maumul,,, ,,,, Jimmy is moved too quickly rose from his chair and went to Jean who is trying to stand up,,, with a black dress that hangs on his shoulders it smoothly,,, trying to say and could not,, until pressed his forehead to forehead Jean,,, and look and shows his smile to Jean, and pressed his nose to nose Jean,,, until their noses were touching,, hemmm,,,, Ben and Sarah, who saw it also gives a vivid applause,,,, until all the orchestra players, too lost in his show,,, although most of them also do not understand the meaning of the song from south korea that was delivered by Jean that,,, trying to calm down,, Jean,,, also threw his smile,, toward Jimmy ,,, which is still in front of him,,,, with the nose position as near it,,,,
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