# The fact that Bitter% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend) chapter2 by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 at 19:18

bagus good job

# Still in the Chamber of Jean-Jimmy 08: 00 am ~ 
Jeanyang woke open his eyelids grew heavy, somehow, quite unusual at all though, he saw the husband who still held her in his chest, nodding to beitu not yet awake, but,, why did Jim’s face is swollen, what happened exactly last night? This increasingly makes Jean confused, say something,, it is true pregnancy is increasingly making it strange,, lately,, it would not be surprised if Jim was always worried about not even allow Jean to work out,, in the office of Airport Bayway,, although Jean positions,, the flight attendant’s supervisor, as Mrs.. Jean,, chairman of the trainers guide that will be a stewardess,,, new, of course, Jean is now become a woman who is forgetful, and even to eat alone affairs often women forget her,, how to not make Jim more confused?? ? “Hhhhhh,,, ,,,,,” hhhzzz snoring sound of her husband Jim who looked exhausted that first made Jean pity to wake him up,, oh,,, how but if Jim late to the office,, digesernya Jim,,, whose hands still holding the wrist Jean .. the other one is also still around his shoulders Jean,, also try to keep Jim’s chin was on it with the position of Jean kissed her forehead, the, not the heart, then Jean went went into the kitchen and, briefly, but,, what it is,, intapestries,,, crimson, like blood, still wet tempak,, though only spotting,, oh, NO! inner!what it is, I nosebleeds? Jean was soon filled but there’s no scar on his nose, the other limbs as well, but,, HA! from behind his body,, Jean is increasingly panic, try checking her into the bathroom, it’s true, it menstruation,,,, where possible,, he was not a woman is pregnant, whether,, Jean will lose her baby,, Jean hurriedly clean up traces of blood, and out into the kitchen,,, making coffee for Jim, he thought hopefully Jim still do not know,,, with his lightning fast making coffee siami beloved favorite,,, Creamy Vanilla, Jean anything that has reached the room again,, soon wake Jim, Jim’s fear that its frequency of late since the guard and hassle with all patients who began his working hours to 8 hours plus of the 12 hours, so the moment Jim at home, only 12 hours from the hospital, Jean though longing, but still mengahrgai her husband, the, oh, no, however I have to support it,,, he’s a doctor, a noble work,,, cure people,,, which is also used tofor the real Jean,,, but,,, “you’re up,, what happened last night,,, hard to open my eyes …..” Jim is still confused memulurkan immediately turned his head to his body,,, what he thought turned to ask himself,,, why Jean looked confused …. oh, last night,,, they cry together,,, “um,,, no nothing,,, oh, Susumu before you drink, already cool, huh? I make a new one,, wait, yes ,,, dear,, here and stay calm,,, “Jim who immediately got up and quickly kissed her forehead Jean went with a milk formula that Jean has not been taken by his wife last night that, because they actually vent,,, hahaha,,, sorry,,, but Jim actually happy,, he always get a good opportunity to show his attention to his beloved wife,,,, As fast as driwft also her back,,,, 
“Tokk tock,,, tokk,, lady,,, milk coming,,, formula milk for infant health mistress,, lady should drink it,,, from husband’s mistress, and said,, there’s nothing more beautiful than your health,, , do not be sad again, so Jim went ,,,,”,,, Jean looked even chortle see the style beloved husband standby fight it,, Jim, Jim, see Jim’s struggling inner tray of porridge hot milk and formula,,,, Jean got up, again while, because difficulties frowned,,, Jim also forbade stand up at once, and ask what needs to be taken,,, “Creamy Vanilla,,,” “but pregnant man,, should not drink it, though I was,, heart specialist, but I’ve read in one article in doctorology,,, uh, no,, where, yes, I forgot, but still do not — “Jean terlkanjur was flipped his wake, and as a result, Jim finds something strange under the nightgown that linger in the body of Jean’s, Jean who reap the coffee immediately gave it to Jimmy,,,, “This is for you dear,, quick drink, then cold, can not be enjoyed again, hopefully it’s not confusing,,,” “will not because that makes you smile while its flagship ,,,,”,,, Jim was brewing aroma the coffee and tasted it,,, sip,, um,, so good it turns out,, huh,,, nice,, very,,, thought Jim,,,, he immediately sat down, holding the wrist Jean,,, “when mom yesterday come you say? ” “December 18” “is not that day lahirmu,,,, means I know what mothers plan ,,,,”” what,, secret, now you just have to be honest with me,, what happens,, you slipped in the bathroom, why your dress wet,,, and there are red spots on it ,,,,” Jim continued to interrogate her that makes Jean growing panic, until Jean’s face was not capable of lying to Jim,,, “This, this, not just blood useful,,,, menstruation,,, so, yes,, true,,, “” WHAT,,,, HOW CAN,,,, YOU miscarriage ????” Jean is immediately covered her mouth Jim, with one hand just to make Jim silent, because both his personal assistant who was behind the door visible from the window glass mounted in front of him,,,, 
Shut up! Jean thought her husband glared at her,,,, “not,, this is normal,,,” “you think I’m stupid,, where there are people who get pregnant but still menstruating? you are crazy, huh? how could you not know if you are pregnant, or perhaps because of this, and honest to me ,,,,” Jean who listened to this fine Jim nodded quietly mark her yes indeed far women still menstruating,, whatever it is, but still red spots appear,,, even if only once,, twice in 1 week,,,, “Jean, why you never honestly, what I have to force you,,, always have you this, makes me anxious,,, This seriously,,, that’s not good for pregnant women like you,, everywhere but no pregnant women mens,, ah,, menstruation whatever it,,, now get up and follow me ,,,,” “Where?” Jim’s 2 steps forward and simultaneously turn with the rather horrific face it,, “of course a shower …” “A – what ww …. what?” “Why else,,, you do not want a bath,,,” Jean is still gaping rough it was withdrawn by Jimmy to follow the steps behind Jim,,, go to the bathroom 

# In Bathroom 09: 00 AM,, ~ 
“Rub my back,,” “what ,,,??” Why is Jean so gelagapan,,, Jim who see it only grew furious course,,, why his wife that he thought,,,, “Jean,,, I am your husband, so it’s fair ,,,,” approached Jean .. Jean is trying to step back before seeing Jim pakaiannnya almost let go of all that,,, “srttt” Jean who stepped foot on the slippery marble floor of her bathroom was,,, just arrested Jim,,, on his chest, supported,,, by Jim’s arms again,,,, “Why are you so afraid,,,, what you thought of something that makes you sick ,,,,”” of course,, did you forget the incident 5 years-ago in my boutique? where I became stylishmu time, and you’re about to open-all-clothes?? you crazy ….” “What,, I never,” “video.,,, You forgot? Jim? Jim,” Jim’s pain in his head was soon moved to move,,, but Jean,,, an attractive wrist only whispered “what happens, you lose the memories,,, but how is it possible,,, I’ve seen it,,,, Jim,,, why you are not honest with me,,,, I’ve seen it all, and files on your health history desk drawer containers that have not used it,,, now to put the fridge,,, you why, so 5 years ago when the playground behind you banging your head, before saying that you kissed me in front of tempo that fansmu bukankarena sorry for me, and just wanted mempertahankanku in Korea? where my stepmother is evil and rid the time,, “”,, at that time you tried to help me to get up, but I refused, and wake up with my business,,,, because my head hurt each dealing with .,,,, I must bear all the promise to his two sisters,, Hong Ki and Yong Hwa to forget you,, I have to forget that just a play to save the reputation of the Entertainment AN,,,, but when you say and ask me for anything, I just replied because I wanted to do it ,,,,” “why did you just kiss me, Flash Kiss it, why are you even can not run away to avoid this, equally we do not expectthat time, I know you’re sorry, right, do it?? be honest too,,, I just amnesia, rather than alzhaemar,,, so no need to worry ,,,,” “what you say! Recently WHAT YOU SAID! ! I’m not sorry, it’s just feeling guilty for my actions, for my little prince,,, BAD HORSE,,,, I remembered our promise,,,, where one day before parting we mutually pledge to wait until later become lovers, , is not it??? you forgot,,, you still forget,,, lest you still have not realized that you have to marry me huh ,,,,”,, Jimmy who increasingly do not understand,,, just frowned,, but try to digest,,, “well, let’s take a bath,,,” Jimmy took a bath in the bathroom the same with Jean,,, only on the left bulkhead if Jean on the right,,, until they do not have to feel uncomfortable, and moreover There selambu covering each,,, 

# In Front Door Bathroom 09; 20 ~ 
Jean comes out ahead is still bandage wet hair after shower with thick white towels, as well as his body with a pink towel, which, like corsets that, envelop tubuih Jean from chest to thighs that,,, Jim was soon too come out,, ,, also wearing the color white towel as worn Jean to bind her hair from the navel Sampi knee,,,, Jim is still looking angry it was soon brewing his Vanilla that has not been exhausted before,, so was Jean who follow Jimmy to drink milk formula,,, but not touching the porridge at his side at all,,, Jean who spent and drank milk first tried to turn around,,, but Jim menahanya,, “why do not you eat,,,, sorry,, had I’m really sorry,,, you have no phobia again? what someone is sick with the stomach,, pain maybe?? what your heart beat faster after nearly slipped earlier,,, “Jean who just stared at Jim’s cynical continue to remain silent, until Jim’s touching his face,,, dagumm lower jaw,, closer to him,,, but Jean still growing,,, want to be exact,,, see Jim that bowed sluggish,,, Jean was stopped in his tracks,, ,, and Jim was approached again, try going to explain why he did not confess if ever lose memory,,, a few years ago,,, Jean who was unable to look at his eyes remained silent,,,, and then,, , Jean felt guilty,,, Jim who was in front of him begging for Jean, but Jean even ignored,,,, Jean also looked up,,, be careful, very careful,,, and Jim started to follow change,,, without touching the arrival of Jean went blank,,,, kiss him hard,,, slowly, and closed his eyes intently too,,, So is Jean,,, which seeks to equalize the height, because height had forced him to look up Jim’s higher, , kissed her lips occasionally, it, so did Jimmy is back with her kiss Shuttle,,,, once or twice or three times repeated,,, 
one of three of his personal assistant who saw them were making out it was just silent witness employer’s conduct ‘making out’ with his wife,,, who originally wanted to deliver the work of Jean and Jimmy’s outfit, they were placed in front of the door,, at a small table,, in addition to the employer’s door,,,, only three of them thought in their own self, who saw his master of opaque transparent window in the room and Jimmy Jean,,,, they think it not strange, because their employer does very young to decide to live married, for a man abroad, America,,, Canada,,,, 24 years and 27 years, most of them chose age 31 for men and 27 for women,,, and they are still very new ,,, not like a married couple is more like a pair of lovers who are intoxicated by romance,,,, so assuming his servants that,,, in addition, their employers face is still fresh, and their body shape is not like any other adult age ,, still remain intact in appearance, although already married,, basic,,, why do think so far,, honest,, Jimmy Jean and his celebrity in South Korea, and even Jean had been a magazine model AH-year DOC California then,,, and their work that require them like that,, stewardess, and heart specialist doctor, who always directs his patients to live healthy all that,, without the fat that can attack and heart might break if excess like the Englishman who most suffer from descendant Over Weight or Obese ,,,,,,, Jim who opened my eyes, my skin because 3 of the servants facing them,,,, instantly releasing kiss it,,, pulled Jean and secure it from that place,,, in the futureclothes closet,,, and sweep Jean’s lips with a wet finger because they are out of the shower activity ,,,,,,, together? hemm,,, in a different room,,, despite the husband-wife, the couple who look after each other of course …. good work that’s occurred ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

jean and jimmy tq udah yang buat pada suka dan kasih komen,,,,,,,,,,,

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