#Childhood Memory % @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend) chapter1 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 24 January 2011 at 21:41

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Jimmy white milk that was made specifically for pregnant women that,,, still daydreaming,, in his reverie, he husband is still a bit confused,,, but semi-conscious with what is chosen now, what had he done to Jean,, was not the attitude that gentle man thinks .. especially as a husband … should not be himself while in the hospital because it was so bewildered that are still after him to leave Jean alone ,,,,,,,, what if there is anything with Jean,, what if something happened to Jean,, surely he would not be able to forgive him that ,, he thought,,, once,,, once pushed,,, again although not as when Jimmy is imagined shadow of his memory in a coma when Jean first, this time is imagined only good things, instead of touching or pathetic …. thankfully,, household fee that is still very long corn this, sort of happy,,,, although there is no parent-in-law that complement the warmth in their homes are very spacious, the,, especially Jean, who must be an orphan small since,,, Jimmy had left his father at the age of 24 years,,, oh,,, after stirring the milk until thick, and Jimmy even that would not be assisted by his personal assistant was still choose to provide standby service to his beloved wife , … if a little bit confused and occasionally call Jong Sang to ask for help ….
# In Room Work Jean,,, 06, 00 pm
Jim is still looking at Jean from behind the door, have not had time to go, because he was so fascinated to see Jean who is always focused with his work, which, although in conditions of pregnancy, which can be spelled out very weak and vulnerable that, in fact he is the spirit with that, whatever will not be able to blocking the intention Jean, wife, who had been known since long,,, Jim is still like that,, stood peering with an upright body position of leaning against the wall,,, suddenly remembering their first meeting after farewell kindergarten in California,, which was originally named Jean Shin Hye in Korean applying to be stylish, in fact he was a woman recommended by the Manager of Ma,, her face a beautiful woman indeed,, graceful, charming, and very stylish, , the more convincing Geun Suk who was menjdi ANJELL vocalist who is looking stylish as well as for mengarajkan style … so there’s no reason not to accept too Hye, Shin Hye,, it,,, hmmm,,, time goes fast,, in 1 semester they seem so close,, to spread the video is quite shocking to all fans ANJELL the show actually only Shin Hye who was put on a new fashion clothes for Geun Suk who certainly was naked dad, but unfortunately,, even one meant for whoever intentionally sudden this record and pass it,, if,,, Geun Suk who suddenly pressing stylish it was just to replace his shorts too,, really shameless, who apparently was his middle tempting Shin Hye,,, test how Shin Hye-resistant? turns out he was wrong,, Shin Hye is really a respectable girl,, women are very different from Himself another girl,,, “SRRRKKKHH …” Jean suddenly woke up from his sleeping position from the bed in his office provided that ,, already knew there was Jim, her husband who was standing behind the door,, a bit like a pain, Jean was a turn around from back to bed,,, stomach,,, and immediately admonished Jim,, “,, Jim,, already how long are you there ,,,,” he closed his laptop Jean,, immediately approached Jim, and Jim mengerlingkan eye to allowing entry,, “,, um, I got a message from the mother, and said they would come here again, , February 18, later,,, “” e,,, so,,, why so fast,,, yet we have not had a honeymoon,,, “” ah, it’s not important, too, the most important thing we can always pass times together, and not too busy with all of our activities, what do you think,, anyway,, I,, do you see for yourself, right,, not allowed to bring our baby to places like that,,, beach ,, mountain,, villas, hotels,,, hemm,,, though he has not seen in my stomach,,, “looking at her belly that still looks like there is no life, it’s Jim who saw it immediately put a glass of milk formula Jean on the edge of the table, and approached Jean to simply holding his stomach,,, and embrace Jean who took a seat, on the bed that had been used Jean to perform duties of his office,,,
Jean is feeling a little amused, only laughter, and looked mengahadap upward, chin Jimmy’s face that hung over the head of Jean,, Jean smiled sweetly, made Jim a chance to panic with which Jean answers were quite surprising,, finally went along,, how not? as a bride who was married 6 months, and not a honeymoon but Jean was not making an issue of,,, Jim is still sustains Jean, jean raw embrace and wrapped her right arm to merapatkannya,,, feels a little warm,, sniffing the fragrant smell of the hair Jean,, and intermittently Jim kissed the top of the crown Jean,,, “I,, very happy … .. how it feels ….” Jean “,,, Ass,, married ,,,?” Jim just shook his head light, a sign he was not asked about it, Jean is feeling weird, and then it occurred to her pregnancy “, of course GLAD,, GLAD,, ONCE,,, although occasionally a bit nervous and anxious because this was the first .. … and this time the fruit of my love,, with you,,, I could consider this a dream,,, “” you,, believe in the power of love, destiny,,, “Jean suddenly turned away,, to just interrupt and ask questions. .. how correcting Jim,,, oh, no,, Jim even closed his eyes,,, Jean who felt sorry for her husband too, got a kiss on the cheek left Jim,,, but, shit,,, Jim, who had been was not asleep just smiled a little,, opened his eyes,,, and pulled Jean,,, into his arms,,, Jean who was wearing her nightgown even then, only widened in disbelief, but remain silent … what,, he thought,, Jim who did not move as well,, began to say, “why, you doubt the power of love,,? is what memangnya,,,? of course,, that’s 2 things a chain,,,” “mean,, ,, “and Jim that his wallet from his pocket Jean Black in length,,,
Jim showed a small photograph them while in kindergarten California 20 years ago,, still it seems a good photo, so Jean is easily recognized, and Jean come take a small box from the bottom drawer of his office,, 4 pieces of tiny objects, , 4-star shaped miniature staircase and doll-princess-tree,,, “You remember this,,, when we’ll see a funny face like them, you know, this is what has always brought in my purse ,, with me, because I’m always looking for you,, clown party,,, “Jean is starting terjaru only paused, and opened the box, it’s Jim who shocked directly holds four small miniatures that,” you’re still with you ..? memangnya you know what I mean to give you this,,? ” Jean nodded … Jean is thrilled with the object he saw was just,, photograph them,,, when they, before parting,, and left Jimmy to South Korea, to move over there, because the father Jean moved offices that time, So did Jimmy who was unable to stem the tears from his eyes to remain restrained, “I never said I was not going to be a STAR FOR YOU? but in reality I will never be that ha,,, weird,,, could not, so I chose to remain what the I,, and climbed the stairs to reach the star until the can and give it to you,,, “”,,, and you tell me who was the daughter,, Badoer party you say,,, hemmm,, to continue to wait and endure, then only may be a tree, and, and … “Jean who wanted to continue faltering,,, Jim also went on,” and you still keep your promise,, right,,,, STUPID,, foolish,, how if only destiny says another, and God did not bring us,,, what we will remain like this,,? stupid, you are stupid,, “
“At least we believe in the power of love, and that was enough to prove everything,,,” Jim who can not stand what he heard just fondle his wife,, pressed his lips just to keep their partner’s heart distress, and wet, this time ,, not because of,, something, but because their tears would not stop dripping, and flowed according to their feeling of being shouted from all this, …
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