# End of Not Being Final% Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend chapter 16 part2 by Shin Rae Byung on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 22:24

bagus good job

“Hey, why are you crying, dear,,,, well if you do not no what,,, I do not memarahimu,,,” but Jean who saw Jim immediately went, sat bolt from his position, “do not go,,, I ,,, “Jim’s wife was half-heartedly feel it,,, ignoring the remark Jean and still go a step,, Jean who can not stand the attitude of Jim, Jim suddenly clasped his hands were sweating despite the cold, when Jim turned,, kissed Jim,,, with collar held Jim, repeat as when their second kiss behind the playground,, (chapter6),,, Jim, who was then not yet responded, only use this moment with a good … Jean waist hugging the beginning there was just touching the shoulders of Jean, and Jean trace curves,, oh, Jean amused but enjoy,,, especially the warm kiss, kiss Straight given her husband, Jim who has not stopped kissing his wife was even more pressing body Jean,, pushing it until they fell almost together to bed, stripped her casual wear .. himself and Jean, which, soon, they’re not dressed,,, in a white blanket that is still very new,, just replaced this morning by his personal assistant,,,
20 minutes later ~
Jean woke up, got up and wrapped her body with a blanket that he stick from one end to clamp arm,,, leaned over the pillow that had been available since there, Jim is also built to follow his wife,,, slid his hand through a crack in the existing between the back of Jean who gave a little alley between the cushions that support it,,, embrace the waist Jean,, and put in his stomach,,, after dreaming that Jean woke up and put his hand on Jimmy’s hand is curled beside him through the waist,,, resting head and shoulders resignedly at Jimmy, and Jimmy was sulking, and turned slowly toward Jean,, slowly very carefully, and Jean was greeted well,,, they met chin, trying to lean with ternyaman position that they can,, , it lasted longer, until Jean is releasing this kiss slowly, asking interrogated,,, “what all types of kisses will you try me?” “No,, live it … the style of the remaining,,,” Jim said as he thrust his face kebali spoiled, but failed because Jean patted his chest,,, “Ow .. did you forget that, in part, I never surgery?,, are you, passionately, yes annoyance, but do not overdo it,,, “” Who told you naughty,,, “” I? naughty? you say? I’m just trying to remember the past,,, right now we have 6 months of living together, what you’re not lonely,,, “” hkkk hkkk … .. what do you mean,,, “Jim’s eyes glanced to Jean and menyendarkan stomach with his head tilted slightly, and buried right there,,,
# In L.A. Directory Hospital,,, 04: 00 pm
Jim who immediately took his wife to check whether there are developments with her health,,, suddenly terbengong look to honecell Jean, who initially thought Jim was the message from the Airport Bayway,, was from the Hospital,, he dared not open it, if bad news , until he decided to wait their turn the results of medical reports Jean,, and after Jean was time to hear the doctor’s statement,,, Finally,,, they will get good news,,, although Jimmy who grew confused, “my partner,, congratulations you -will-be — a,, dad! DAD! ” Jim’s eyes widened and Jean are happy, incredibly contrast,, for how could Jim,, ever since their marriage so mirih like his dream, the, women’s knee-length white dress,,, Jean,, membariku children, when we only done it once,,, and even 6 months ago, how can, we are equally busy,,, up to the point that there is no mutual pampering waktuuntuk each ….. plus it Pregnancy Jean who were heading was 4 months,,, really weird, mean nausea Jean the other day, angry this morning,,, forgetful, weak … in the attic, and in the park,,, factors, my baby, oh, no … I do not hear strong,,, Jean is more surprising because Jim who recently asked him a baby, but after hearing the good news is actually silent, and without reaction,,,
Jean is trying to catch Jim out of it, and even to not say hello or thank his colleagues that, Jong Sang, Jean tried to reach the hands of Jimmy,, running, running, regardless of the pregnancy was,, Jim, Jim,, he cried trying to keep a still unheard by Jim,,, until Jean was about to slip down the escalator to walk it,,, but,,, lucky Jim who was arriving at the bottom as fast as lightning with no later-later turned around and catch Jean,, Jean just dumbfounded, ,, and tried to talk her husband jepada it,,, but they just looked at each other a long time,,, without a word, but their hearts have been expressed his love with a good password,, some nurses who see their own just shy smile and some respect for Jim, his senior doctor,,,, Jim also spoke before preceded by Jean,, yes,, it is time,,, “Lighten up,, I’m glad,,, once,, it’s just a little,, do not believe, with what he has just I,,, listen,,,, I’m sorry, Jean .. thank you …. has become something meaningful here, in lerung my heart,,, “Jean is not too easily believe with ap ayang woman he had just heard ,, just smiled, trying to please her husband now,,, omen Jean really appreciate Jim’s statement, “Ehmm,, EHMMMM ,,,…” ne confounded by a nun who was standing not far from where they stood, in front of the escalator, and Jim who knew Jean was lowered slowly., .. gently, but surely, and soon left the hospital, with his arm around her waist Jean,,, they were happy to wait for the Black n ‘Jean Junior,, (Jimmy Black and Jean Avantsta Junior )……. …………… 

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