# End of Not Being Final% Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend chapter 16 part1 by Shin Rae Byung on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 22:20 J

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immy is still confused with all the behavior of his wife that this time, Jimmy had time to think, maybe a wife who has never been invited for their honeymoon was soon pregnant? strange thing indeed,, he immediately thought better man to think about pregnancy, Jim seemed a little afraid of losing the affection of his beloved Jean’s,,, oh, no, do not let that without conscious ,,,,, stride up and down forth in front of his beloved wife’s dressing table that increasingly makes Jean wonder, why even Jean is surprised? is not she the woman who was thinking Jim? even Jean who also felt wedge with Jimmy, immediately grabbed Jimmy’s hand to ask for fresh air on the front page that they just switch to the park which had previously been in the back yard,,,, Jean who was starting to panic with Jim behavior obvious once when Jim was furious, immediately touching hands Jim,, hold it, “do you regret marrying me,,,” Jim is still not heard, kept silent,,, “Look, I,, what you want divorce me,,, “The second question was passed just like that,,” what are you,, really want a divorce and we split up,, it seems …. so … ” Jean looked at Jim who began disappointed that no response then only try to calm down, stay,, he definitely stronger according to him,,, however, waiting for Jim who apparently was so upset and angry, she as his wife did not bear true to her husband’s willingness mrngikuti, who think Jean has been trying to divorce her, and Jim was silent for probably immediately think how the tiniest way to tell her that? really sorry,, Jean, .. again again been misunderstood,,,, Jean was finally gone,,, he just left Jim’s still stunned at the park, the swings where they used to pour out his heart,,,, without looking into the direction of Jim at all,, ,

# Rooms Jean 12; 00 noon
Jean better go,, he said,, ah,,, so fast this time thrown during turns, in his mind, just for the sake of joining up with Jimmy,, ah,, Jean who began hitting his head without any conscious movement reflexes just like that .. herself a woman murmured, what ya,, I mean, just now .. so softly,,, Jim was the one who can make beautiful the world will wake up, although this is only gradually during the 6 months, 6 months is very short …. Jean is still packing the clothes from the cupboard this dress was just silent and remained silent .. without words, which he did by pandngannya is the best thing,, for the happiness of Jim, who in fact may become a new problem in the house tangganyatu,,,
“Drtttttt,,, drtttt … … drttttt …. drtttt drtt …..” phonecell her constantly vibrating rotating at his desk Jean was deliberately not pay attention, without heeding the message,, Jean immediately merauk phoncell his pants pocket and put it in the long-Jean was wearing a dark blue …. oh, no,, open, Jean,, come on,, Go,,, but this message from the hospital,,,,
“Tinbg tong ting tong” yet again not a problem solved,, new problems arise for him already,, Jean who was mengepaki all his clothes into his black briefcase was now headed down, past the three main steps so long that,,, what boileh make,, Jean from the first apartment too, so Jean hope, he will easily pass her way,, it,, but ternyat wrong, with a rush him she wants to open one door ,,,,, her legs are still wearing the veil is accented bunny slippers, it is still stuck in one of the steps in front of him he had accidentally put the suitcase, and lucky as fast as lightning, Jim who had been also opposite because it wanted to room, seeing his wife so try to lift the suitcase that seemed very heavy,, Jim’s long-sleeved and muscled it again to save his wife, Jean, who is looked at pain in his heart was unable to stem the tears from her eyes for no exit, Jim is not looking Jean Direct quickly took Jean in her chest was headed to his room,,, and Jean lay on his bed,, with a face polosJim this time it was innocent,, tried to approach Jean,, not until he kissed her husband’s crown, but Jean Jean stopped it by directing his palms were tapat on Jim’s face ..
“Do not,,,” Jim just frowned,,, is a bit confused,,, but he is saying little,,, “remember, remember the time our wedding, I want to reminisce ,,,,” Jim sudden this statement makes the heart Jean increasingly frantic, he increasingly could not understand what was spoken by Jim, but pikiranny could not even lie to him to not remember those times that most make him happy, this time, Jim is not able to menahaln naughty, it, turning the his back is pulled over on the right side bed next to Jean who is still half the emotions that, he also did not get a response from his beloved wife Jean was forced to bring the exciting Jean forced and held in her arms, now turned position,, Jean,,, which was on Jim, “do something to me,, anything …” “What,,, which may, I do not want,,,” “I,, command you,, why you should give a damn,,,” “I CAN NOT ,,,,”” what should I teach you open shirt first,,,? HA? ” Jim’s tone was a bit jerky even make Jean finally shed a tear since the last exercise restraint and try to strong ,,,,,, 
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