# Video is appalling% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter5 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 20 January 2011 at 18:22

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Geun Suk .. Then walk through the corridor with a blank expression on his face .. she pouted to himself and heaved napas’Apakah I be mad? “She thought and cocked his head ‘I dont think so .. but when I think clearly from this .. i cannot say anything now .. this is a great mystery tramp .. As he was sent here to make the problem .. I do not believe that he could do anything .. he is useless and stupid .. But .. maybe doesn’t Yong hwa think like that .. Hm .. How she can make her to fall for him? He doesn’t have this bright light-girl .. pretty girl .. but .. he’s like he was stupid and weird ‘he frowned and kept walking .. “Geun Suk! Geun Suk! “Manager Ma shouted after him .. Geun turned her back and stop running .. He frowned when the manager stopped in front of him” What? Are you crazy Why are you yelling at me?? “He said and folded his hands” This hye,, you .. Shin .. Hwanhee .. You `re .. “Ma Manager starts and tries to catch his breath” President Kim wants to see you .. Now “Geun Suk more frowned and blinked a few times” W-whats going on? “He said and started walking forward .. Manager Ma touched his chest and breathing heavy” Kim Ok Bin .. Interview .. You and Shin-hye .. Hwanhee .. Awful “he stammered and menggelengDengan every word Geun felt his heart beat faster .. He blinked several times and tried to ignore Manager Ma, couse he can not say anything .. Two of them entered the President Kim` s office and stared at membungkukIa TV with serious facial expression .. Geun Suk looked at his face and looked Manager Ma with wonder “W-what` s.. “He began but Kim cut” Sit down “she said coldly and nodded to the chair sebelahnyaGeun blinked several times and glanced at Ma Manager again .. He nodded and pointed to a chair slowly” Children Go “Ma said, and heaved napasGeun Suk bit her lower lip nervously and sat next to President Kim .. La glanced serious face and his head bent down “Um .. President Kim .. “” Just watch “Kim said without listening to him .. Geun frowned to herself feel guilty even if he doesn’t watch the video .. He stared at the screen as President Kim’s turn untuknyaGeun` s eyes filled with anger as he stared at the girl video .. She screws her eyes and began to oversee the record “Im showing you this part .. couse this is the problem .. “President Kim said coldly and slowly nodded in layarMengangguk Geun still staring at Kim Ok Bin who was laughing with one reporter ~” Oh .. This? This is my worst relationship ever .. I never thought that I could date someone like Hwanhee .. He is .. He stayed in his foolish dreams .. He’s just a dreamer .. Sometimes in life you do not have to be so obvious and stupid like him .. And he only shows the bad side .. Which is false .. Hwanhee .. is a weak soul .. Not like that he showed to everyone .. I never liked him .. But .. I just feel sorry for him .. Couse she begged me to be with him .. So .. I feel sorry for him .. But you can not have normal relations with the only love .. There must be some sense .. But in our relationship .. Hwanhee only show feelings .. ‘Kim Ok Bin said and smiled weakly .. reporter laughed and took the mic nya’Jadi .. This relationship didn’t work out? And you two apart? You really mr.Hwanhee discarded? “The reporter asked, and laughed again” Yeah, I do it .. couse he was too weak to leave me .. too weak .. and so absorbed in her love bin Ok I ‘played and menyeringai’Izinkan me ask you something .. What do you think other members of the Shining Stars? Do you like someone from them? Couse they handosme too ‘said the reporter and gave him tersenyumKim bin Ok look and nodded’ Yes .. They are handsome .. I like Yong hwa .. He was always kind and mysterious .. Well I dont know couse I never had the opportunity to speak with him .. But I think he is a good person in the group”What is good? What do you mean by that? “The reporter asked and tilted kepalanya’Maksudku .. Thats a good person .. he is a weak Hwanhee and Geun Suk .. is .. the players ‘Ok Bin words and tertawa’Player? I think that Jang Geun Suk very tight'” He is .. But I know very well .. He is a player with soul .. He never had a boyfriend .. Couse he could no longer stay with a girl .. Thats him .. Now I heard one of his interviews .. He says that he doesn’t have a relationship with her stylist Shin hye .. But .. I do not believe in this .. I have pictures of him pressing into the wall .. Im sure .. she flirts with him .. and maybe more .. But thats just him .. Thats why im afraid of him .. Couse im afraid to be played by boys .. if you know what I mean ‘Ok Bin said with a grin on his face .. He took some photos and show them on camera ‘See? These are photos of him and this girl .. I think he’s stressed and he doesn’t want to live so close to him .. But she pressed him .. His way was terrible .. And this is the ‘star? “Cmoon oh ‘she laughed along with reporters and put the pictures under the” So this is really about Shining star .. They’re shiny .. but they also strange star ‘reporter said and looked at the bin Ok .. She nodded and laughed again “Yees .. They are black star Yong hwa .. Maybe just not too bad .. but who knows the real behavior Hwanhee .. .. .. Only and Geun Suk .. .. They simply false ‘ son said, and heaved napas’Soo Ok this is interesting TV show ~ ~ Best Secrets and Kim Ok Bin only shows us an intimate relationship and a few more secrets about the other idol groups … ‘ she said and smiled to the cameras ‘and now ..’ ~ President Kim deadly Tv and sighing .. She looked aside to Geun who is still staring at the screen with wild eyes fixed on it .. Geun `s heart beat so fast that he felt it in his head .. He gripped the side of his chair and began to tremble from anger .. screw eyes and wild She bit her lower lip .. Kim looked at her face and patted his shoulder “From now on .. We have two choices .. To think anything about these lies .. or just to go down .. “he said and brushed her hand on Suk wajahnyaGeun quickly shook his head and swallowed hard .. She stood up and kicked the chair wild” This .. “” I know .. silly .. But if Kim Ok Bin put it online .. We will have a lot of problems .. You know that she is female dominated .. And when he wants something .. he did it .. Do not worry I’ll think of something to cover up this “President Kim said coldly and heaved napasGeun Suk shook his head and closed his mata’No. Cannot continue .. I have to do something I should do it .. .. now .. now or never. . .. ah we’ll fuckin ‘thought and nervously turned to face the Manager Ma .. She looked at him and sighed “Do not worry Let’s search for the child to Hwanhee .. .. I call him but ..” she started but didn’t continue .. Ma looked at Geun which began running in and out of the room “Hey ..” “Let him Hwanhee and Geun .. .. They need to think about it too .. This time, Kim Ok Bin is too far” said President Kim and his head bent to Under ==============” Shin hye! ” Yong Hwa shouted and started running kepadanyaDia turned back with a serious facial expression … He smiled and waved at him “Hey oppa ..” she mumbled and looked at his face mendesahhwa Yonh and frowned “Do you .. what I mean you look so lost in your mind ..? Whats wrong? Do Geun say something?” he asked and frowned even lebihShin hye looked at him and sighed again “Aiish … Can I be honest with you couse i? thought I’d die ..” “Whats wrong Why Die?? Did he do anything to you?? Did he hurt you ? ” Yong hwa said the worry and looked wajahnyahye Shin shook his head “No. .. He … He has a body that cool .. But thats a very shy and awkward .. ..” “Great body .. What??” Yong Hwa shouted as his eyes widened “What’s this? Is he trying to do? When he said that he would be naked i didn’t belive that he would do … Fuck him” he thought, and screws his eyes “So what is he? All naked? Really?” hye Shin shook his head “Aniyo .. He just wants me to dress him .. But … Can I say something? Thats my first time seeing boys naked im … .. And .. .. its weird .. “she muttered and pressed himself against the wall” Aiish .. And … He wants me to change shorts too “” What? ” Yong Hwa shouting and shaking his head “What? Are you sure And whats going on .. Did he take them away??” Shin-hye `eyes widened and she covered her face” Aniyoo “he yelled and shook his head” No couse i told him not to change them …. “He said and then find his face” Hey Geun Oppa oppa … I think that I think like you “Yong hwa` s facial expression changed .. He cocked his head to the side and frowned a little “Is he right?” Shin-hye shrugged and looked at his feet “I do not know .. What do you think I like you??” Hwa Yong giggled “I hope so … couse. . I love you “Shin-hye` wide-eyed .. He looked at her with a stunning and swallowed “You .. what? You like me? How why? I mean .. Look at me .. im? So simple … and ugly and weird .. And I make you look like a loser with hair-do .. How can you like me? “he muttered and shook his head” I cannot belive you “Yong hwa nodded” Yes .. you are right … you are very simple … you do not famous and beautiful … and yeah .. you guys make me look like a loose but do not know .. .. I .. Maybe I dont need a star for me girl .. Maybe I need someone like you .. What do you think about this? “he said and looked into her eyes. .. She licked her lips and leaned closer to his face “Do I want to be with you?” he mumbled and closed matanyaShin hye gulped and looked around the room “What can I do ..? What can I say? Or … How can I run? Younhaaaa where are you? Nunna help me … Couse i dont know what to do .. Maybe I like him but .. Am I ready to give my first kiss? Do I want to pick Yong Hwa Oppa? ‘She thought and looked at her face .. She admired the beautiful face as she slowly came to his face’ Omoo … what now? He was so close and so beautiful .. … Do I want him to take my first kiss? “he swallowed again and sighed ‘Aishh … Maybe … Maybe I could do it .. Maybe I want to do it .. and maybe he is the right person for me .. Yes .. I’ll do it ‘.. Shin-hye closed her eyes as her body shivered … She felt her heartbeat is very fast and that made him nervous sigh … With every second she felt his warm breath on his face .. He felt how he took his hand dragged into place “What did he do? Where are we going? Do not worry oppa .. I can smell you here too ‘he thought, and opened his eyes .. He stared Yong hwa who looked at her with angry look in his eyes when he went away and away from him .. Shin-hye `wide-eyed ‘Aiiish .. How can this be true? Am i dreaming? Ahh .. no.” he thought and slapped her cheeks .. He frowned and shook his head no. Im not dreaming .. But then … Who holds my hand ‘.. Shin-hye turned to the front of his head and his eyes widened again “Geun Suk oppa” she yelled and pulled his hand back “What are you doing?” Geun looked at him without facial expressions .. She bit her lower lip and took her wrist again, “Go” he said coldly and began dragging lagiShin hye frowned and began to walk fast along with him .. He looked back at him with Hwa Yong and Yong sedihhwa facial expressions staring at them without moving … He blinked several times and shook his head “What the hell is this? Is really .. what she wants from him ‘she thought and screw eyes” Not with him Geun Suk .. Not with him ‘He started to run after them as anger grew in him .. He looked around the great hall while his eyes fixed on a large crowd of reporters surrounded a person .. He frowned and bit her lower lip “He wont be fine .. I have to help him” she thought and began to run to them … ‘Ohh .. Oh God .. .. At the same’————– .. Geun Suk and Shin-hye was out of the company .. He sees the future in the crowd who chanted the name of the daughter they are happy .. then he looked sideways to see reporters who looked at him in surprise .. Geun Suk gulped and looked at the other side to look at the Shin-hye `s face stresses .. He frowned slightly and tighten holding his hand as he didn’t leave his eyes .. “Now .. I have to do it .. I believe that Hwanhee will handle this bitch .. Ok Bin But .. I must stop this gossip about me and the homeless .. So .. i dont have any other choice now .. I have to do this .. but if I do it .. later .. wont be single again .. will even fake ‘she thought and closed his eyes .. Interesting Geun hye Shin against himself and hugged him tightly .. He opened his eyes again and looked at his bum .. Sorry but what is’ hye Shin looked at his face stress and swallowed .. He looked around the crowd and his heart starts beating more cepat’Apa that he trying to do? What can I do? “He thought and looked back at his face .. He frowned and shook his head” Oppa What ..??” Geun Suk suddenly looked at him and smiled .. He looks forward to the fangirls and nodded with his head “It’s my boyfriend .. His name is Park Shin Hye .. i want you to be happy for us “he said in pretends happiness and looked back at Shin-hye ‘couse we” he muttered and quickly bent over his face pressing her lips .. Geun Shin-hye `s and kissed her softly as she closed her eyes tightly-hye` eye eratShin goggled .. She frozen in place he realized what was happening … She pressed her hands on his chest and tried to push him back .. Her mind filled only with journalists and fans screamed and he closed his eyes … The lights blurry camera Geun gripped his mind and he `s shirt” He took my first kiss … He took all my … No. ‘He thought and began to rock’ He’s … he doesn’t have to do it .. why .. Why is he .. ‘Separated from her lips slowly Geun Hye Shin `s and looked in his eyes .. Her expression became blank again and he started to drag him away .. The fangirls started shouting and waving to him as he passed them by, together with Shin-hye .. The journalists continued to take pictures of them until they come out of their appearance in front of parking .. hwa Yong looked at them and start running after them .. The reporters turned to him and now he is offering them .. “Do you know about Geun Suk` s relationship? “One of them ask one another and come in front” of how long they were together? “” Why lie Geun Suk that he doesn’t date of Park Shin Hye? “” Who is Park Shin Hye for real? “hwa and Shin Yong Geun hye look` s back and he ignored reporters’ questions .. He tries to move forward but the road is full of people and stop it .. “Questions Enough” Someone said behind them and everyone looked back .. Every girl there started to shout and wave posters of them … Yong hwa screw eyes and sighed “Hwanhee?” “Go Boys!” Ma manager yelled from the entrance and waved to them, “Enough questions you have! Enough for today,” he shouted at reporters and waited Hwanhee and Yong hwa who entered the building again “Hwanhee, .. In .. Kim` s office today. . You have to watch something that is important .. “” I alredy watch “Hwanhee wild words and began to walk to Kim` s office “What ..?” Yong Hwa shout and stare Manager Ma “Yong hwa .. You will understand why Geun do this .. You should watch this video too .. Let’s go” Manager Ma said and started walking after Hwanhee …

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