# Stylish who Akward% GEUN Suk SHIN HYye Legend chapter4 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 20 January 2011 at 18:29

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I’ll understand everything “Now where is tramp ‘Geun Suk thinks he’s walking through a large corridor .. He frowned to himself and looked around’ So a lot of room .. she can be everywhere, .. but .. I will find it .. yes .. I will ‘start he walked forward but something stopped him .. Geun `eyes widened as she stared and Shin Hye Yong hwa speaks at the corner of the corridor .. He screws his eyes and slowly continue berjalan’Jadi .. this bum. . he had something in mind .. Maybe he fangirl fan Yong hwa .. .. He wants to tease with her .. you guessed wrong Aish .. I’ll show you some hard work .. you wont just stay here like this .. tramp stupid “she thought, and look deeply at them .. He stared at Shin-hye as she quickly bent down to Yong hwa `s face and kissed her cheek .. Geun `eyes widened and he stopped walking .. He frowned and clenched his fists in no way ‘.. Im right? “She thought and cocked his head ‘but hey .. girl .. you wont have him so easy to’ start it run wild for them as the heart starts beating faster —————– ——————
” Okay … Listen now “Yong hwa said on his eyes and looked very .. He raised his head and a smile came across his face ..” Ready? “Shin Hye nodded” Yes .. Im ready “she said and applauded” Hey bum “Geun said coldly as he stopped right in front of them .. He folded his arms and stared at Shin-hye to the display means in matanyahwa Yong looked at her and rolled her eyes” Not anymore … “she muttered and sighed liarShin Geun hye looked with wonder “Can I help you Geun Suk oppa?” He nodded and smiled wild “Oh, of course you have to work .. WITH ME “he said and come back again” So if you want to stay in this company .. DONT reject me “” W-what? Aiishh .. Um .. Okay i wont reject you again .. Mianhee oppa “Shin-hye muttering and head bent to bawahhwa Yong looked at them and screw matanya’Apa she was trying to do? He always mean like a fool a few … He’s a good girl … And Geun .. I wont let you act like that with him “she thought and sighed” I `’ll come with you ..” Geun Suk stopped walking and turned around to see Yong Hwa “Oh .. so he fell into the trap him? Fool ‘he thought and shook her head” Oh hyung .. You do not want to see me naked, right? Couse new work at this company .. is like a stylist .. so dont come “he said coldly and nodded to hye Shin” Let’s go “” Naked? “Shin-hye yelled as her eyes widened” Aiishh .. What is “mumbled to hersefl and Yong hwa looked sad” Help me .. “Yong hwa screw eyes and looked Geun” And fast .. I have worked for him too “” You know that im tight right if he did he work fine .. You will have him? “Geun plays back and rolled her eyes forward” Come Tramp .. i dont have all day “Shin-hye nodded and slowly started walking after Geun Suk Yong hwa .. chenched fists and licked her lips” I do not know what’s on your mind .. But you wont be like Hwanhee … Not with him’———————
Younha walked through the corridor with his head bent down .. She sighed deeply and looked at the comb nya’Hm .. I wonder now .. Do I have to go back and do her hair-do? or not .. ‘She thought and looked up to see the Manager Ma smiled to myself and jump for joy .. Younha frowned and shook his head “Hey Manager Ma! Wait” Younha screamed and ran to the front diaDia gave him a smile and stop running “Hello .. I heard that you do well with Hwanhee Good job ..” he said and shook his head “yes .. Um .. Um .. Can I ask you something .. Who .. Kim Ok Bin?” he said and frowned sedikitManajer Ma frowned “You do not need to talk about her here .. Not in front of Hwanhee” she whispered and looked around emphasize “Um .. Why?” Younha asked quietly and folded his hands “He` s grifriend Hwanhee .. ex .. but he .. he’s a very bad girl .. she was talking bullshits about him when they separated .. that he fell in love .. and a few other things. . Hwanhee hate him .. .. So never ever talk about him in front of him .. arasso? “Ma said, and smiled again” I have been working now .. see you again “she said and began walking happily staring at his back and deepen lagiYounha frowned nya’Ex girlfriend? Hm .. I see now .. So, he hated it? he bitch for real .. but she’s not very good as well ‘Younha mind and start walking to Hwanhee `s room .. He entered without knocking on the door and looked around “Master?” he said and turned to him and screw matanyaHwanhee raised eyebrows “Good … You are here … Continue with my hair” Younha smirked and walked closer to him “You` re in a good mood again huh? “she said sweetly and smiled padanyaDia staring and grinning “Good mood Im ever? In a good mood .. and I tell you .. you’re not here to talk .. you are here to work .. So .. Continue” Younha `s smile faded down .. He frowned again and go behind “Yeah .. I wonder .. if you have friends? I think you do not have many friends” she muttered and began brushing her hair “Thats not your business .. And I think I said .. Dont talk to me “Hwanhee words and look forward .. She closed her eyes and leaned back in kursiYounha sullen and continue to do her hair agenda’Hm .. He was so stupid and arogant, and meaningful. .. and selfish .. and horrible, and beautiful .. But the downside is more in him .. i mean .. he can be very .. but he was still mean and horrible .. so .. he’s not my fave anymore “he thought and looked down on her head” But it is so soft .. heair hm .. maybe my hair-do will suit him well ‘he smiled again and touched her hair “You have nice hair” Younha murmured and smiled to himself “I know” he mumbled without opening his eyes and sighed “Hey girl .. Whats your name?” “Younha .. Im originally from New York .. im 20 years old and I love my job “he was quick to play back and smile again” Um .. But I ask you only for your name … but okay .. Silent Younha now “said Hwanhee and finally opened his eyes .. She looked at herself in the mirror and screw eyes .. “You look so lost .. i mean .. that you are thinking about something .. I have seen when I think about something” Younha said and looked at her reflection in cerminHwanhee rolled his eyes and sighed “I do not care about you … So dont tell me what you do .. and for what you think .. I do not care ..” he said and looked sampingYounha frowned again “Um .. right .. So, when you do not care about me .. i dont have to care too, .. And I can tell you that you` re very selfish and stupid .. i can do properly? “he said and looked at his head” Say whatever you want .. I do not care about your opinion .. After all you only one hairdresser .. No more So .. I dont need your opinion .. Arasso? .. ” Hwanhee said coldly and screws his eyes “If you’re ready .. Get out” Younha pursed his lips and stared at him “Yes .. I do not care about you too .. You just a singer .. and I have to do your hair-do .. thats all im not even a fan .. you .. sooo .. You do not have to act mean .. and im not ready .. couse I want to make your hair-do well .. so dont complain “he said and cotninued with his job” Then fast .. I do not have all day “Hwanhee muttered and closed his eyes kembaliDia nodded and continued when President Kim entered the room, smiling at them” Oh Hwanhee .. nice hair-do .. Unlike Yong hwa `s from last night .. So .. Im here to speak with you “she said and sat on one kursiHwanhee looked at him and nodded” Speak “” Okay .. Listen .. Last night .. Kim Ok Bin came here .. and she went to my office to say something me .. He wants you to go and watch his new movie .. ” Kim said and frowned sedikitHwanhee Younha tilted his head and pushed the side .. He stood as the increase in anger in him, “No. How damn” President Kim looked at him and sighed “I know what you think .. but this time we can not refuse .. He said this in front of reporters .. So .. All people know that she invites you in the movie .. So .. Hwanhee For the good of ‘Shining Stars’ .. you cannot refuse “he said seriously and stand up” You have to go .. You can stay 5 minutes or less .. but you have to go “he said and slowly walked out ruanganIa looked at Kim `s back and clenching his fists” This time you win .. again “she thought and set of teeth ‘But i wont let you fool me around anymore .. No longer ‘”Go ..” Hwanhee shouted as his hands shake .. She looked at herself in the mirror and screw eyes “Fuck You Kim Ok Bin … Fuck you” shouted at him wildly and kicking kursiYounha with angry look in his eyes .. He went closer to him and he turned against him .. She looked in her eyes and swallowed the wild “you can tell what horrors .. .. But when I had to work .. at least let me do it well” she yelled and glared at him “Do you know that you pushed me hard you arogant? .. ” she started and shook his head “Im not some animal, … so dont treat me like that” she yelled and kicked at him with awe .. kursinyaHwanhee He engerutkan forehead and sighed “Is it still sore?” “No,” shouted Younha still wild “That hurt me, but you have the luck that im used to .. So i dont care about this .. only .. if you do not let me do my work .. maybe i dont have to work with you, .. maybe you need another hair stylist who can stand your crazy behavior “he shouted and looked sampingHwanhee rolled his eyes and sat in the chair” Contunie “Younha looked in the mirror and anger slowly started to disappear .. He screws his eyes and nodded “So .. okay” she said quietly and began to perform hair-do lagi’Wow .. I think that this monster will kick me out .. I wonder why he did not do that .. Very .. extraordinary ‘thought he, and not long after he finished his hair-do .. Younha took a deep breath and stepped back “Im done now” Hwanhee looked at himself and nodded, “Good” she murmured and looked back at Younha .. He stood up and grabbed his hand, “Good job …” he shook his hand and a small smile appeared on her face and sullen wajahnyaYounha “I rescued this hair-do for my girlfriend .. but since i dont have one .. it looks good on you” she said and sighed “Thank you” muttered Hwanhee and let go of his hand “I must go now .. Bye” she said and started walking out kamarYounha looked at him and cocked her head “Is she crazy? Hm .. He .. well .. Maybe he’s sick or stupid .. .. .. i dont have aiish think about him “she thought and quickly out of the room too —————-
#In the locker room …
Geun Suk entered the room and slowly looked around the” Cool .. we are alone .. i dont like to dress in front of people .. So, “he said, and a grin appeared on his face” I would understand his plan now .. haha “he thought, and nodded to myself” Cool .. And .. what now? ” Shin-hye asked and frowned “Where you going?” “Um .. Nowhere” played Geun and grinned “Just in the studio ..” she said simply and began to unbutton jaketnyaShin hye nod “Um .. I see so you do not need something very beautiful .. Maybe wear something simple.? ” she said and smiled “Um .. you just .. Everything will look good on you” at him and screw Geun Suk matanya’I Oh look .. You want to tease with everyone of us .. bitch “he thought and went to her” Do not look at me .. simple for you? “he asked coldly and glared at his” Not Listen carefully .. even in my house .. in the studio .. on stage .. I have to look perfect .. Arasso? only .. arasso i dont like simple stuff ..? “She said and folded tangannyaShin hye blinked several times and frowned” Arra .. Um .. Okay then .. we’ll find something perfect, “he muttered and see sekelilingGeun cocked his head and grinned” you will find .. I just need to outfit .. “she said and lifted his shirt up .. Geun throw it aside and started to unbutton celananyaShin hye and her eyes widened at him .. He covered his eyes and turned back to her” hwa .. Yong Aiish .. help me “she murmured to hersefl and frowned ..” Oww .. I’ve got something in my eye … Aiii “lied to him and began to mutter sesuatuGeun looked at him and shook his head” Of course you’ll have something in your eyes “she said and slowly went in front of him .. He removed his hand and looked into her eyes” You have a HUGE star in your eyes “she murmured and leaned closer to wajahnya’Ha! I see now .. you cannot fool me around .. I’ll understand everything “he thought and menyeringaiShin hye stepped back and shook his head” I think right now … .. The good aii. . Yes The good .. ” he said and again “Oww .. Oppa Geun .. Look at this shirt … What do you think?” “Its Poor” he plays back and get behind him again .. He stared back still with a grin on his face he was “Um .. i hye Shin .. Probably have to change my boxers too .. what do you think” he said and he quickly turned against diaDia down in shorts and covered his eyes again “Its not good .. Dont change them .. ever .. .. ” he said nervously and shook his head “Aand … .. I think you’ll get sick .. So .. own clothes quickly ..” “Well you do not give me any clothes .. so .. what can I do?” he turned and screw matanyaShin hye find his face and turned back to him .. He looked around and started walking for some clothes “hey .. Take this” she yelled and threw some pants kepadanyaGeun Suk arrested them and frowned to himself sendiri’Hm .. He’s weird .. If he’s here because he is a fan .. he would look at me .. but no .. ‘She thought and her frown deepened’ Maybe .. he likes her just Yong hwa eyes widened and she quickly put her trousers .. “You bum .. You want to make it right?” he screamed in disgust and pulled hye Shin against him “answer” Her eyes widened and he swallowed hard “A-what? I.. I cannot understand you” he mumbled and frowned “Oh noo .. you understand right” played him and pushed him to the wall “Listen to me now .. the answer to every question I .. arasso?” he shouted and glared padanyaShin quick hye nodded as she felt her heartbeat is very fast .. “0-okay ..” “First .. Why you are here” Geun ask and fixed his eyes on bibirnyaShin hye frowned and bent his head down “My family drove me from my house .. And Younha and I decided to come to In Korea .. here .. We do not have the money .. and yesterday .. Manager Ma beg us for assistance. couse him. need a stylist .. So thats why we are here .. Thats all, “he muttered and frowned her staring diperdalamGeun his face and lifted his head again “So .. you use us to take money couse i think it easy for you to refuse Manager Ma ..? .. you bum I understand you now .. you want Yong hwa` s really money? ” he said with disgust and frowned quickly shook his head keningShin hye “Aniyo … I did not want his money .. I dont want anything from him … I just want a place to stay .. couse … We do not have anything in here .. “” Do not expect of me felt sorry for you .. couse i wont .. damn .. this is your life and if you do not do anything in this company .. you will still be homeless people as before, arasso couse you? Cannot just walk around here without doing anything “to her and her eyes screamed Geun hye sekrupShin down and nodded” I know .. ” he said sadly and sighed “I know that .. I will do my best to be useful here .. couse .. If you drive us out of here … everything for us will be difficult again …” he muttered his eyes filled with tears “Mianhee oppa .. .. I promise I will do my best ..” Geun Suk at his face and blinked a few times .. He frowned a little and heaved a deep breath
“Now he wants to cry? What I told her to make it like that?” He thought, and blinked again “Left Um .. Cool .. next .. Just when I say something .. Listen to me .. When I tell you to come with me to get yourself some clothes .. You should come .. but you would prefer to stay with Yong hwa .. “she said quietly and looked sad face” Just listen to me when I needed you .. arasso? “He nodded” Yes .. I will listen to you .. I promise “he muttered and wiped tears from his eyes” Um .. Oppa Can I? Go now .. Please .. “Geun rolled his eyes and folded his hands” I still do not have a shirt .. so .. no until you take off my clothes .. you cannot go anywhere “she said and lifted kepalanyaShin hye nodded and turned back .. He took a few shirts and handed it to him “Can I go now?” Geun frowned and pursed his lips “No” she said and looked next to “my clothes” hye Shin looked at her with wonder “W-what?” “Aish .. Did you ever watch Dont you know what movie you should do .. Aish .. stupid? ” He mumbled and frowned cemberutShin hye “Um .. Sure ..” he muttered and went closer to him … He took the shirt from his hand and frowned “Put your hands up” she murmured as she felt very warm smile and nod .. dalamGeun He raised his hands up and stared at the sky-hye langitShin slowly started to put clothes on as with every move he touched tubuhnya’Ohh not .. Omooo .. this .. aiish .. I feel so ashamed … Why now … Noooo “he thought and careful not to touch his shirt trying to touch tubuhnyaGeun frowned to himself and blinked a few times” What’s he doing? “She thought she felt a shiver through his body every time she touched him .. He looked at Shin-hye and tilted his head “What are you doing .. damn .. “he asked with surprise and licked her lips” Um .. I.. Im dressing you “Shin-hye said, and pursed kening’Untuk I sure look stupid .. But .. I do not want to touch it .. No. I dont want to .. ‘she thought and frowned even more” Are you disgusted than me? ” Geun yelling and frowning over the “W-whats wrong with me?” he asked and looked at herself in cerminShin hye `wide-eyed” Um .. None … You .. You see .. cool .. But .. “” But what? “Geun asked and removed her hand from him .. He’s still a shirt and pouting to himself” Arra .. i see .. “he said quietly and began walking out of the anti-” So he likes Yong hwa .. and he doesn’t want to see other people .. and he was sick of me .. stupid Tramp “he thought, and clenched his fists wildly” Hey Oppa … I think .. You look nice with clothes “Shin-hye shouted after him and smiled sendirididnt Geun Suk back .. He screws his eyes and kept walking” He just wanted to keep this job .. ‘He thought, and kicked the door when he went out of the room

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