# Mistake that turned out Deliberate% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter15 by Shin Rae Byung on Saturday, 22 January 2011 at 23:42

bagus good job

# The Apartment Jimmy-Jean,,, 19; 00 nights

6 months later ~
Jean had just arrived and went into the room,,, seen the look on his face he was a woman alone, of course predictable that he wanted to rest a moment, he was a woman who has been a change of office became Jimmy’s mistress was sitting in front of her dressing table to simply remove her earrings and her hair to release the bond that has accompanied him a day of work organizing and directing a new trainer-trainer in his flight school,,, hufth,, really very tiring if the need every day like this,,, where Jim, by the way, I do not see it,, ah, I’d better take a bath,, maybe after I finished, he had come,,, thought Jean, moved to take a pair of pajamas that have prepared their personal assistant,,,

7 minutes later ~
stroking her long hair, which hung shower after that, Jean was taking his hair-dryer,,, Jean still has not seen Jim, he was just looking not so clear,,, and when two soft hands Jean closed her eyes, Jean lucky not scream top of my voice, if until that happens, then drop it Jean,, because the man who is obviously easily detected from the smell farfum it uses, namely Jimmy,,, without greeting her beloved Jimmy instantly warm embrace Jean,,, with long arms wrapped it, which no doubt Jimmy’s doing,,, without accidentally touching the elbow Jimmy Jean breast being covered by black lace pajamas that,,, “Ow,,, Jim!” “A,, sorry,,, I accidentally,,,” “e, dear,,, you want to hear my confession?” Jean who saw Jim’s face looked through the mirror that was just blinked his eyes slowly,,, marks Jean agreed “e,,, where I should start,,, jangn offended, huh?” Jean started frowning who’d been Jimmy sandari,,,,,, actually you were not sexy, why do I want to, yes, with you,,, time just because you’re beautiful, and at first I take you away?,, it seems strange,,, feet and limbs are beautiful, but to the size of your breasts women really mean “” ih,, WHAT are you talking ,,,?” Jean answers this time that made Jim responded tense, afraid that until the wife mad,,, “e,,, not so,,, I’m just trying to talk,,, that’s my opinion,,, do not be angry,,,” Jim was Jean brought her eyes to see,,, Jean is still confused just look up tilt, which means the woman herself was not understood what it meant her husband,,,, Jim is trying to explain just give him a little code cast naughty,,, Jean just resigned and follow the messengers,,, closer to the direction of Jim’s face change slowly,,, only 3 inches,,, “you remember where our wedding day ,,,?” “E’em,,, yap!”

flashback * Monday, Behind YAMAHA Piano Black that was on the tip of the left aisle of the church,,, Jim just stood up but sat back is supported by his elbows,,, waiting for Jean, who has officially become his life’s companion,,, which was also already sitting on a stool in front of the piano facing it,,,
“Hi, my husband Jean ,,,,” sweet smile that curved from tip to tip her tiny lips that make Jimmy who had been already tired of re-excited,,,” Hi,,, female ,,,,” “why women? I call you my husband,,, “Jean answered, but the flat plain. “Because the woman’s position will never be replaced whenever it comes, in contrast with the wife, can only divorce if the wife atu cheating and so forth … I do not want ,,,,”” ah,, are you,,, clever word play, ,, “Jim who had been been expecting this moment happens, it will soon launch a mission,,,, he brang an instrument Marry Me, Shin Hye,,, songs that have been created deliberately to the idol of his heart,,, when you finish,,, Jim back saying,,, “Do not ever change, Princess Clown Party, you would still remember this very well, not ,,,?” “Yes, of course, you are handsome and many fans disekolahjustru not want to come to the prompt night,,, used tuxedo,, even with clothes gaulmu,,,” “you too,,, pernahberdandan not like girls in general,,, who tried to wear a dress, you always come to the party with style your tomboyish,,, but somehow I still like it, and even Yung Fei,,, the son of China’s,,, at Harvard Kindergarden,,, I envied him that always get attention more from you … ” Jim was turning his face away,,, Jean is jealous that find it too blind to touch chin Jim and directing to his face,,, “Hey, there’s nothing special about us,,,” “and,, flight attendant’s decision, it is because i remember fulfill your dreams,, maybe if you really still pursue your dreams, I think I’m more quickly to meet with you,, it’s you instead opt to become a doctor,, but,, once you’re so afraid of getting hurt,,, “Jim who heard suddenly cheerful again,,, and kissed Jean wishes,,, regardless of 4 people who were praying in the room,,, Murder Kiss him,, Oh, God, why him,, thinks Jean is still stuck in the cradle Jim, ,, but I never could avoid,,, Jimmy,,,

Back to Nowaday,,, 6 months later,,, in front of the dressing rooms Jean ~
Jimmy is still draping his hand over his shoulder Jean,,, just playing his lips, the, steady desire for this for 5 years according to separate them, should got terms of ‘this’ of women that,,, Jean who resigned and made no effort to respond to it only serve her husband pleaded that although Jean knew that he was very tired that to the extent that he knew nothing about what she really felt her that night,,, until Jim started to bite his lower lip, a little suck,,, and only move as fault- fracturing his breath,,,, Jean just shocked, and immediately release the kiss Jim, rather than what,, suddenly her nausea,,,
“Mmmhhkk,,, mhkkk,,,” Jim had just woke up just confused with that given his wife’s reaction was that as to keep him from falling right behind Jean,, Jean is unable to control nausea, ran quickly to her bathroom sink ,,, Jim Maih silent,,, but he remembered the man’s co-workers at the hospital, doctor check-ups Jean, Jong Sang to call him,,,,

“Jong Sang,, it’s me, Jim, this is not my number,,, this phonecell Jean,,, I just want to ask, what medication you give to him recently, Jean nausea again,,,” “huh?,, I do not give at all, had, after all, his condition has improved since a week ago, so I decided to stop giving antibiotics,,,” “then, why he ,,,,”” I just suggested should — “tut-tut-tut-tut,,,, the phone is closed,,, Jong Sang which have not finished explaining just getting confused with the couple’s co-worker,,

Jimmy who was trying to catch his wife’s nervous,,, “Jean, you do not what love ,,,?” But Jimmy did not find his wife in the toilet,,, Strange, he was just scratching his head,,,, still puzzled by the attitude of Jean earlier ,,,,,,,


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