# Early-Beginnings Full Planning% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter14 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 21 January 2011 at 15:05

bagus good job

# Still in the Room in Apartments Jimmy Jean
Jimmy was still twirling Jean who was still in his arms the man,, he looked so happy to the point that he could not see if Jean could not help nausea,, see Jean’s face began to turn red and pale it was instantaneous, , Jim straight down,,,, touching foreheads Jean Jean and luckily no fever,,, Jimmy who was so happy and even forget to see if there is no 5 minutes she gives him medication to be taken by Jean,, yes,,, pain barrier that, although only in the form of pills, but the dose is fairly high,,, Jimmy is trying to remember what has been done himself up to make it more sick Jean,, Jean is still standing and holding his face which had turned worn-out return, even did not dare look at Jimmy,, feared also that Jimmy increasingly worried and insisted to keep her to the hospital,, oh, no,, he thought,, Jean would be mortified if she Jong Sang asked what they were doing until Jean was so pale and not powered,,,, oh,,, NOT !!!!,,, not going to let Jimmy lead me to the hospital just because of this,,,, THERE IS NOT!
Jimmy was approached Jean,,, Jean looked up to see the direction in her eyes, what is red, like tinge roots? not, then he’s fine, and then what? Jimmy is still checking the other members of Jean’s body, while Jean is not resistant to immediately blow up anger by the attitude he thinks Jimmy is being teased,,,,, hey,, release,, you is why? I’m fine! ” Jean tries to convince Jimmy that had been still searching for something around his face,,, “,, Jim,,, release I said, I do not sickly,,,” “JIMMM !!!!,,,” cry that was Jean concentration interrupted Jimmy,,, “,, you is why? if you were not sickly, there can be no complaints about your health since the first,,,” Jim replied with a casual flat,,, “After all I ask you now,,, since I first see you in a state of unconsciousness in the room Yong Hwa, exactly 5 years ago, you were struck by lightning why ?,,,” like Jimmy who was re-opened wounds asked Jean, who was not aware that Jimmy who once was named Geun Suk men who had been looking for,,, Prince Bad Horse,,,, “, and then, when in my apartment, why are you shouting, and when I distances from the place you fainted, but, you really worry me that time, you do not drain the breath at all,,, you know, I could not if you were not there,,, “Breathe Jimmy was the start of irregular,,, seems once he has a bad memory about this,, , all of which she asked him just now,,, Jean is not the heart to look at still just like the usual position,, looked down, trying to say, though little,, rather dark,,, “,, I,, I,, no ill,,, “”,, it is not possible, you try to cover it? I’m a doctor, how could I not able to distinguish between healthy people and sick people, and people who suffer from certain diseases,,, “” why do not you trying to be honest,,, “” what do you mean ?…” Jim insistently pressed with many words,,, but Jean still remained silent,,, Jean was trying to change the subject, who knew Jimmy would understand,,, “er,, Jim, would not your mother, want to come here,, Yong Hwa ,,, Hong Ki,, too? when? ” Jim who began angrily pulled Jean rough hands and pulled him into the room surgical laboratory, Jim who remembered the trauma Jean never saw the room was only left it on the front door, and let Jean still waiting outside,, as his exit from the room, Jim showed a copy of Jean’s medical history file that is sent by Yong Hwa 4 years ago, which says that Jean suffered heart attacks as experienced mothers, fathers, and his brother,,, Jean who increasingly do not understand with all this, while Jimmy no longer able to stem the tears,,, drop the file without knowing the marble floor,,, the atmosphere was so frozen, dumb,, Jean seemed to want to come off the bone at each joints,, how to Jean to tell Jimmy that during this think if he was suffering from Heart Attack? Surely all this time, Jimmy became a doctor on that basis, Jean also fell limp with shock her,,, his legs seemed increasingly spineless dry it,,, Jimmy just cocked his head and remained silent in tears this time voiceless, the, , they were difficult to breathe,, panting but still trying to survive, to just calm down their respective,,
Jean is still not expected that so far,, the paper which makes it just as it is a distance with Jimmy, and Jimmy who always devote her complaints to him before, now never again, and Jimmy who was always telling me how heavy the load as a child eldest of 2 brothers it,, who now never told,, silent,,, sealed his mouth just to talk to all of the good, without thinking about his own feelings, how could Jean as selfish as this? Love is not so according to him,, Love is not oppressive,,, Love is not pressing any of the parties,,, all must feel, at any point, provided that joint,, from happy, and suffering, even in something so precarious,, , And now Jimmy was a change to start a word,,,,, you must tell me everything, you do not want, right, I’m here like a statue that do not you think,, or toys that you always display on the sideboard cupboard,, I want to be useful in your side,, take care,, I, too love you …. and, “Jimmy who try to stand up as fast as he could a woman,, hastily put two fingers on his right hand to hold all that is going to say by Jim. “,, Shut,,,, calm down, I will not conceal anything from you, and even arrive at something that maybe you think of as something that is not important,,, do not understand? I also love you … really,, I’m not lying,,, trust me,,, “” I do not have heart disease, but,, phobias, as long as you remember it,,,, I is not never tell you ??,,, I love you too,, too, , so I never thought not to continue my life, if not you,,, which is on my side ,,,,, sorry,,, sorry,,, “Jimmy’s hand was no power to hold his temper this time, he swiftly Jean man pulls in front of him, keep him in the chest, and take cover under his chin,,, hug,, tight,,,, so they were swept away in tears together ,,,,, up to an hour less than they defend their position like that, which they use in times of week, where Jim’s personal assistant to take leave ……… 
don’t cry if u read it!!!

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