# Surprises for Special Guests% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter13 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 20 January 2011 at 18:03

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next to Jimmy, Jean is still lying because too tired to keep it all night,, really very boring actually,, kalu just is not for Jimmy, Jean who buried her head in Jimmy’s elbow where his hands still gripped by Jimmy on his chest ,,,,
Jimmy who was fast asleep dreaming it too,,,, in her dream that everything was suddenly turned into a strange, he’s being a groom, but,, wait,,, who is the girl who was taken by the casket that? not possible even when the bride was already dead, and still be married, and Jimmy is really confused to repeatedly scratching his head unconsciously causing sanga priest can only smiled a little,,, when the wait was coming,, casket was down right in front of him and pop a girl who looks perfect with white knee-length dress is so luminous and form a beautiful body and legs, and hung, not too long, and its legs were very beautiful,,, but unfortunately, his face still covered by white cloth covering that is transparent, when Jimmy wanted to see it and pinning the ring on her ring finger of the bride, he also remembered Jean,,, and shouted, “NO!! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!”
I was so shocked, Jimmy who had a dream that was sitting up from his sleep,,, however, for some reason Jean does not wake up too,,, Jimmy just looked at her lover’s face it,, stroked her left cheek that is still like a man who was kneeling,,, kiss, ,, and immediately got out of bed patients who occupy that Jean had to lift it into place fatigue
# In the Garden, Pages Rear Hospital LA,,,, 02, 00 noon,,,
Jimmy who still uses his wheelchair that was rocking tool that help her out,,, to just look for the wind, which felt cramped not changed since Jean coma, which is exactly 5 days yesterday, and now he still has to be treated again in 2 days Here,,, so then he declared by Jong Sang allowed to go home to meet with his personal assistant at his apartment to immediately hand over the file that must be completed during this that he has piled up since the arrival of Jean who was making himself busy,,, huh,, even hampi he forgot all his patients only after Jean,, ah, what I mean, he thought Jean was the one who had encouraged her to return rise from adversity over the years, and Jimmy got to thinking on all crew-crew AN Entertainment to give thanks for Shin Hye relinquished her to return to the embrace, finally,,, they all can understand,, what would happen if possible had it not release Yong Hwa Jean,,, Hong Ki did not want to succumb to his brother This is always acting like a child in public, although in fact,, if they know that behind it so much baggage that Jimmy responsibility,, since the company went bankrupt late father, his mother often ill-ill’s, that she could not participate living in America with him? Manager Ma told Jean to catch up here once it is his homeland,,, yes, we are born and raised here, although we also bleed Korea,,,, I so miss them,,, for your attention,, Oh , yes,, Producer Kim Ok Bin,,, how could I forget, if only it were not for him who forced me to play-act with Shin Hye about our relationship,, where maybe we can together, to feel the beads of love today ,,,? huh, when they will come here,,, I’ll call her,,, thought Jim again,,,
“Hi, you there,, still remember you in my name, the repairman angry vocalist ANJELL? When to replace you who come here? I really miss you guys! Came with my mom, Hong Ki and Yong Hwa,, next week here,, I will welcome you the same as before,, all my love, hello miss,,, (Jimmy) Geun Suk “
2 days later ~
Jean who has been preparing to go to his office at the airport is American Airlines,,, at Bayway Airport, already dressed up, usually with a plain collar shirt uniform air-vest and subordinate mini dress knee-high,, the red shoes he wore ,, but she also turned her back to his office,,, Jean who has been properly prepared it to take his silver handbag,,, and immediately go,,
# In the Car Jean,,,
“Tit,, tit,, tit,, tit” it was a reminder alarm sounds,, indicating that Jean should be immediately to the hospital to clear the goods which had 4-day Jimmy was hospitalized in LA Hospital Directory,, As soon as possible Jean drove to the hospital, Jean can not wait to get to bring Jimmy back, and for the first plan, he would invite Jimmy woman to her apartment alone,,, for a while,,,
Arriving at the lodge room 45 which occupied Jimmy,,, 09:00 am ~
“,, You’ve straightened it all,,, dear,, good, then, I’ll take care of everything in front, you wait here, yes, do not be naughty and will not let you move anywhere,,, remember my message,,, “while leaving Jimmy who was still staring dreamily out the window,
Jimmy who saw it was gone,, immediately opened his laptop computer, the laptop to open an e-mail that has been entered, as well as all messages sent to him from Seoul, it turns out,,, YES, after opening, mother, sister, cousins, and some people ANJELL crew will come this Saturday, he was soon back as soon as possible be afraid if Jean saw,, who even thinks must have been playing around with his health,,,,
# In Apartment Jean,,, 02, 00 noon
“Come on, Jim, go,, slowly,,,” “why, you,, take me-to-here,,, I really,, no-good,,,” Jim’s voice sounded hoarse quite shocking Jean ,, “What, you still sick?” staring eyes and around in Jimmy’s face, “Come here, listen to me, I come here to sleep,, 10 minutes, after that, I will deliver you back to your apartment if it’s the best,,, how?, , do you want?,, just a moment, “they had already reached the guest rooms are deliberately Jean provided,,, Made Jim woman put the bag, and rushed to her room after seeing Jim sat on the couch room, Jim is still visible strange, he just looked around the apartment Jean,, though large, but very empty, not because only Jean and adoptive parents, but for whatever reason she yaks know, Jimmy is bored even with reckless Jean came into the room without knocked on the door, and remained silent, and even does not sound like a galloping pace JV which has been running,, he climbed into bed next to Jean,, back to Jean,,,
Jimmy was almost asleep, but woke suddenly widened Jean swiftly, “what are you doing in my room?,, Who told you to go, Jim? You this,, really ,,,,,”” Hey, yes, ,, has-been all right, I’ll go,, you is why, Jean, I just want to find a place that makes me comfortable ,,,,”
Tomorrow The day ~
# At Abode Jimmy 08; 00 nights
“Well, we are,, quick in,, adequate rest,,, and do not let yourself think too much, especially things that would cost,,,” Lahi-again his advice was stopped by Jimmy the recalcitrant. “Yes, but,, you, as well as he pulled his hand SIGN ,,,,” Jean who was still hanging on the steering wheel of his car,” But ,,,,” “no buts,,,” Jimmy continued to attract Jean who ignored the bag containing the belongings that are still carry Jean,,,
After eating together with the personal assistant Jimmy ~
Jimmy who rush into his room,,, he did not see Jean in there, but it turns out there are in the room next to him, and Jimmy had no hesitate to go and slowly opened the blanket that wrapped Jean Jean beautiful legs,,, Jean who initially ignored it,, finally turned also, “what is it, Jim?” “What anyone looking for me?” Jean asked again that her eyes were still closed, “hey, go alone if no one was looking,,,” “WHO SAID NO!” “WHAT?” they were each raised in say, until one of his assistant Jim who heard it from the outside to ask “Miss,, is there anything I need help?” Jimmy is surprised instantly silenced Jean directly with both hands, one to prop Jean neck, the other to shut up Jean,,, because there is no sound then the assistant went away by itself,,, scratching his head as well of course, ,,,
“This time you do not have to drive me again, there was no reason untu thrown out,,, this is my house, there you go,, e, I mean if you want to sleep with me tonight,,,” Jimmy convince Jean to not shout ,, and releasing his hand from the mouth of Jean, but his other hand still holding his neck Jean, Jean is nervous just pay attention to Jimmy’s face,, looking at Jim’s eyes away,, what right did he say,,, Jean who wanted to stand up,, would like to take water drink, do not know if Jimmy also wanted to stand, so that they are touched together fell down on the bed … Jimmy is realized still remain silent,,, so is Jean who began trying to get up, but his chest pain once since hitting ribs on chest Jimmy the field,,,, Jimmy Jean who realized immediately hold with both hands, and overthrow him who hugged tightly Jean,,, toward the middle of the bed,,, “,,,, Jim, “” hmmm ….” are increasingly buried her face to her lips Jean,,, press it for long to enjoy the sensation, which is much different than the relationship of the first bed which is really not done to the organs at the bottom, and Jimmy’s down kiss the breast Jean,, until a pink evening gown, the, a little more wide open and getting wider, Jean is still stiff, which he kept looking at Jim’s getting wilder, until all blous dress she was wearing off quickly, , lived under wear coating is still attached at the bottom of a slender body,,, Jimmy is starting to feel his body temperature dropped too,, raise the blanket under their position, and pull it toward them both,,,, Jimmy even more Just wild,,, who knows what prompted him to do that,,,, Jean also began to feel pain in his only silent miss.v and writhing slowly,, seems to also enjoy what has been channeled Jimmy on the female organ,, Jimmy was sitting originally tried to lay on Jean, Jean is out of breath because Jimmy is on top of trying to shout “aaaaaa!” Jim was quickly covered the entire elongation of Jean with a sweep of his mouth,, Jean just gasped, “you also useless shouting … no one will hear your whining,,, also sigh for you,, on this night,, to-day and come ,,,,” Jimmy on the left ear whispered Jean,,, Jim went back to play Jean breast with a kiss,, indeed repugnant, but who knows what made him want to do this even its not yet released mrs.p, ,, until he gave up because of weak,,,,
Morning # 10; 00 in the Chamber of Jean who was in Jimmy’s Apartments
“Hey, are you the first time,,” “Jean,, Confess to you, I’ve seen it,,, why did you not say, I can set it up if he knew this would happen,, this morning to come with me to the hospital,, , “added Jimmy who was so worried that seeing her beloved Jean bleeding that almost all white blanket that covered them covered with thick white fluid that mixes dark red blood that was obviously wet,,, Jean is still weak,,, just nod unclear,
“Jimmy, you do not have a worry to me,,, me, it’s not your wife ,,,!” “What you say, 5 more days of our marriage, where can I take you to the altar in the church if you still like this, I will be responsible for everything,,,” lifting Jean, but Jean immediately bind him with a red blanket, , ran for the shower in the bathroom Jimmy who was beside him,,,
10 minutes later ~
Jimmy gave him painkillers, but will react only briefly, but Jimmy sure powerful, and Jimmy just kneel in front of Jean and held up a diamond ring on his little black box with “Marry me, Jean,,,” Jimmy also said if he would do it in front of her mother, sister, cousin, also management AN Jean who heard that has been put on his uniform and loose hair wet from shower only silent,, touched, and tears in his eyes,,, “i do,,,, Jimmy,,, I’ve been waiting since a long time,, ,,,,,,,,,,” Jimmy Jean embraced immediately and raise it closer to her face and twirling Jean ,,,,,,,,,
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