# Certainty is touching% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter12 by Shin Rae Byung on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 at 16:03

bagus good job

Jean is still slumped to the circumstances that actually forced him to be quiet at once,, it looks like it’s already gone,,, out of nowhere,,, all,,, all this is like a dream which comes after he pushed her through all the sadness and dreams fictitious, who has been on the verge of the past and its future … until it all changed,, Jean, who he felt now was the women’s breath shortness of breath during the last because of her that wanted to run but that Jean did in fact run,, run, and kept running,,, I do not know,,, why all so like,, who else he should complain,, share,,, at the thought now, Jimmy is the only man who would not be able to encourage him and will never again be on his side to manifest themselves, because,,, 2 hours another transplant would be completed in progress,,, what should Jean do to ward off its upset right now, whether he should dive into the ocean,,, to go bury his body to be happy with Jimmy in the afterlife,,,? or when a plane ride, with easily he threw himself before he hit it so it’s immediately felt lifeless .. Jimmy Jean common origin which is loved? Or pretend not to know that happened to her so everyone will think something he did as something accidental?
all of these questions echo in the ears like Jean,, without stopping, the more formations only,,,
for him,,, so far,, Geun Suk who has been reincarnated into Jimmy’s in America in California, but his job in Canada, which, being a heart surgeon,,, the dumbest thing they choose, considering he hates blood,,, Jean aware of the love that hanging is too large in the minds of Jimmy about and on behalf of Jean,, although not visible on his forehead,,,, however, Jean more convinced, he must be doing this for Jean, who is now a flight attendant, who was always devoted to stewardress flight American Airlines,, everybody in management AN entertaint that allow him to pursue his love of none other than the artist himself held families together, Geun Suk, former vocalist ANJELL that, although her first stylish, but Jean remained in the style of dress, did not change,, simple but still interesting, not imaginary ,, Hong Ki, brother Jimmy who was always sensitive to it because only his brother who is always in liver Jean,,,, Yong Hwa, too,,, this golden cousin, who was always quiet little attention though,,, even Jimmy had promised to restore Jean that she likes to Yong Hwa,, a little flash-back, because it was originally attracted to Jean Yong Hw, the first man who asked her out,,,, until the night where Yong Hwa,, would like to express his feelings, almost alone,, Shin Hye that time it was dissolved in a romantic atmosphere and almost said yes just, unfortunately, attended Geun Suk in the middle of the press, which attract Jean to clarify the shocking video is circulating in Youtube,,, which forces the initially very forced Jean because Geun Suk tried to kiss her to show off to all the female fans that he really like the videos intimate dating in Youtube it,,, but that’s the beginning of their love of unexpected … weird .. all like the songs in the record is playing in his head Jean,,, nearly half a day a woman stood up but he seemed lifeless, without voice, without emotion, without motion, and only lowered his head to avoid his glare of the sun greeted him with a ray of his ultra-light,,, huh,, heavier breathing, but,,, it looks like he will still stand there,,,
# In the loft section Top Hospital
“What can make, I have to survive, rather than have to look at Jimmy’s dead now, my love will be gone,,, love last after the father-mother-sister to leave me …..” the more tears trickled down her cheek, through his lower jaw, and ran into her neck and collar wet .. in patients who wear uniforms,,,
“,,,, Jimmy when your spirits have come to this building,,, call me gently, give me a sign,,,, even though I was stupid and not as smart as you, but I’m sure, I can feel your presence, ,, usually when we were together,,, I designed the latest model clothes for you, and you will ask what is the latest hairstyle is certainly suitable for oval face like you,,, you still remember …. “” … ………. you still have not come, because I could not feel anything … why,,, I hate this,,, I hate you,,,, are you that you say, PHYSICIAN ,, a young doctor in America who can happy your mother’s late father would certainly .. too,,, oh, yes,,, you’re so STUPID! STUPID! foolish! I’m satisfied,,, can shout in the attic this without having some people uncomfortable to hear,,,, is not your mother will come ….” Jean was again looked up, contemplating his fate,,,, who lives about to be returned empty,,,,
03; 00 pm
“What … who would I say,,, to your mother, Jim ?,,,, what you do not feel sorry for me,,, how can I give him an explanation, is it all because ME !!!!!,,, “” YOUR LIFE IS STILL YOUNG MEN LONG !!!”.. . Jean back a sob,,,, now back in his mind blank as the first sight seeing Geun Suk advance when they are playing a drama as a lover to all lovers of art n his fans in Korea, when after the kiss,, brief kiss, as well kiss The first case for both of them,,, “when,,,, I Blum had said, say,,,, say,,, if I,,,, really,, really love you ,,,,, ‘bad horse’, ,,,,” longer the voice of the burst,, missing, missing … the smaller the inaudible, Jean almost fainted,,,, but a hand and a long arm that was reached for her,,, until Jean falls into his lap,,, Jean who can not stand,,, just tried to open her eyes barely because people believed he saw none other than Jimmy,,, he is still alive,,, only wear silver wheelchair he uses to sustain his body was,,, Jean wanted to immediately get up and grabbed Jimmy’s arm who had 1 minute ago it had been prop Jean with his arm, until Jean knelt on his chest … see Jean fragile, and Jimmy, too, shed tears … he indeed has repeatedly hurt the woman who really loved it …. first, when he decided to leave Korea after his father who has made Shin Hye fall in love and had to admit her feelings through her passionate kiss in their movie theater attendance last time,,, and now this,,,
“Jean,,, Jean,,,” JIimmy even patted the arm and shook Jean who had been still open my eyes a little,,, but did not react,,, he was afraid something happened to Jean,,, when Jimmy tried to swing the wheel hard in his chair,, sudden hand Jean,,, flanking,, which makes movement a little Jimmy was stopped,,, and staring at Jean,,,
“You’re still alive,,, dear,,, I think you’ve gone,,,, do not worry me anymore,, yes ?…. do you want ap … oh, God, thank you ….” Jimmy was so happy to shed her last tears were almost dry,,,,
1 point any tears moistened the drooping cheeks Jean under her chin … still rests on the bottom …. Jimmy was holding her tight, but back off as soon as …..
“,,,, Not this morning you gave me a kiss instead,,, and I have not responded ,,,,” Jean who was heard just a little wrinkled forehead,,,,,, what? ” “I,,, will do that I had never done,,, you,,, Jean,,, be prepared to accept ….” “,, But,,, I’m not able to do —” Jimmy was channeling a French kiss her to Jean,,, find a gap in the lip Jean,,,, to his leaning his direction and start putting Jimmy some of his tools julur,,,, tongue who is looking for a place at the palate Jean,,, until Jean a little shocked, but soon returned as before,,, floated softly in every curve of the lips Jean,, to wet the lips of the his daughter’s clown,,, Jimmy began to feel like her heart shook in rhythm with the heart of Jean,,, more distant, until Jimmy let go … looked at Jean, who still wistful, but still came out of the middle critical condition due to dehydration in felt,,, “what are you doing that is not worth it,,,” still in position, the original,,, and tried to turn into Jimmy direction “is not,, I,, was almost 5-day losing you, I just want to release pent-up longing are more,,, that’s all,,,” Jimmy tried to whisper it in your ear Jean,,, Jean who was continuing his words amused ,, “I just snap a kiss, not like before,,, doctor” “hey, hey, hey,, do you say,” do not you see I wore the uniform of patients who also just like you? you that,,, brittle-eyed stewardess,,, beautiful indeed, but myopic,,, “interrupted Jimmy who passionately against Jean, Jean is still smarting pinch his little finger into the stomach Jimmy,,” Aiwhh,, Ow,, Ow,,,, , a,,, “Jimmy is more moaning in pain,,, because the shock was examined stomach Jimmy Jean,, palpate the abdomen left Jim,,, there were seam marks on it, despite its location a little ride,,, but still, Jimmy pain,,, Jean was startled and woke up from Jimmy’s lap,, “gosh, you do not even mess with it your wildest plans! really outrageous,,,, this can not be tolerated,,,” “AAA. … ” “You can lose their lives without a heart,, the basis of hasty DOCTOR! Come on, you must rest your scar is enough to fully recover and dry,,,” “do not talk anymore, and turn me who will pay the debt me to take care of you for 3 days as it has given me keu,,, “Jimmy said, pushing a wheelchair who was stubborn,, even though the same in weak condition, and even Jean is able to carry into space inpatient Jimmy, who has moved from the operating room,,, Jimmy fell asleep while holding Jean’s hand tightly over his chest,,, really happy not playing Jean,, looking at him, God was still giving him a chance,,, God still loved him, and Jimmy could not be left,, , in the quiet that,, just beautiful prayers that he spoke softly,,, while his other hand wiped the cold sweat that appeared on Jimmy’s forehead and nose,,, “thank you,, you still can survive, at least not for me though ,,, your mother will come,, see you,, although the nature of critical circumstances like this,,,, “” I, really have fallen into the abyss heart ……” Jean added and kissed her forehead was Jimmy who was still asleep ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
jean.. & jimmy…

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