# Misconceptions Ended Beautiful% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter 10 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 17 January 2011 at 16:23

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Arriving at the car they still can not keep quiet,,, Jean,, still struggling in pain because Jimmy who kept to his ignorant-i,,, seems so happy Jimmy who was obsessed with seeing her little friend’s body beauty This, the daughter of a party clown,,, last night,,, actually that night they did not plan to do it all,,, but whatever the power,,, the atmosphere was sanagt support, from those who once looked awkward and nervous at the beginning of the meeting ,,, They even still could not stop for making out,,, until one of his personal assistant Jimmy even reprimand them,,,

Mr. “,,,,,,,, excuse me, there are files from the hospital that you have not check,,, “‘e’,,, What,,,” Jimmy is surprised to see his assistant had reached out through the window,, , “why do not you give this important data since last night,, what if patients do not survive,,, are you,, next time do not you try again, or – ….” sudden anger was halted by an accidental blast of breath Jean directed him to Jimmy that began to change expression on it,,, any attempt Jean stroked his chest and took over talking to his assistant,,, although he was not aware that there was in Jimmy’s lap,, ,
lucky, unsuspecting assistant sanga,,, only just a little confused about how Jean can get out of Jimmy’s room not long ago after Jimmy came out,,,
“,,, E,, like this,, last night, sorry young master, yes, he taught me with me overtime to complete the list and file for training new stewardress,,, so to the extent that he fell asleep and did not hear the words you,, yes it’s okay, it is still understandable, and not entirely your fault,,, “Jimmy is more stunned to hear the statement just out from the mouth of a very wise Jean,,, not the princess who thinks this over-dijuluk i was an innocent party as a clown and just crying can change in a short time,,, 5 years to become a princess who was mature and wise, whether he learned where,,,, seems this is the result of her male left it to give him time to fix themselves, and ,,,,,,,,, reverie abruptly lost and dispersed by the sweep hand of Jean who rose from his confession,,,, “yes,, thank you, once again, yes, , I who should apologize for telling the boss you have is to teach ,,,,,” “,, you lucky to have her employer as well as advanced ,,,,” Jean,,,
Jimmy was direct without wondering grab the file,, fear lest it relates to the analysis of heart health history Jean,, Jean if she knew, then who knows what will happen according to the interpretation of his mind hufth ,,,,,,, Jimmy just trying as casually as possible to read,,, kalu Jean afraid to know its contents,,,,
it turns out, only a letter attached to the file folder health, thank God,,, the contents of Jimmy’s mother who will visit from Korea that will be delivered directly by his cousin, Yong Hwa and the only sister, Hong Ki,,, almost finished history … finally,, Jimmy and Jean was tidying clothes with each other and hurried leave because it was late,,,

Jean # On his return from meeting with his new Crew,,,

Returning to the apartment owned by Jean himself, he was so slow running,, he just scared anyone know if his woman did not come home last night, my father and his adopted mother,, was waiting at the door turned out,, hemm,,, how this, he woman discovered …
however, they had not been interrogated by-tubio insistent questioning, Jimmy was playing,,, tugging her hand away from the back ,,,,,,,,
“Why do not you go home to my house, daughter,, what less extensive for you … which as thin as this,,,? E not mean,, a slim yourself ,,,?”
“E.. I,, I just,,,” “akhhs, come on let’s, we go, I know your life must be stressed here once, so you never allow anyone else including me, to know your problems, ,, I hate you like it ,,,,” without felt they had already arrived at Jimmy’s garage apartment,,,,

“Speak now, or I will force you to open your mouth ,,,,”
Jean is just still can remain silent and nervous which is obvious from the way he bit her lower lip,,,, “a,,, a,,, I,,, just,,,” “,, where have you been?” “I,, is still as usual,,, meet my new crew at the airport,,, he probably will for me lately before I leave because the boss thinks less healthy ,,,,,,,,,”
Jimmy that was already jealous since Jean chose to return to his apartment turned out became increasingly angry,,,, come look at me if you do not lie,, thought Jimmy, but up to half an hour even Jean was also seeing his eyes, it is increasingly make Jimmy rampage ,,,,,,,,, and pushed to the wall,,, press it hard,,, even though he did not mean to hurt Jean,,,
“,, It, so you just go there to see the boss? And go home after what we did last night ?………..” “Brother, you were talking about,,,” asked Jean who tried to ward off growling in Jimmy’s eyes,,, “brother, please listen to —-” abrupt halt when Jimmy who forcibly kissed her until her head hit a wall so hard that,,, , when realized Jean,, red,,, he could not understand Geun Suk may become angry and so horrible like that,,, Jean was just hysterical and went into the room the door was right in his left ,,,,, shut tight -close his ears to forget this incident,, why,, why precisely at the time that was their love blossomed again tested,,,

but ,,,,, soon heard loud screaming sound that made Jimmy’s anxiety in the chest,,, and he could not let anything hurt Jean … reading room that no other lab to dissect the heart,,, he was more convinced Jean definite trauma and remembered his brother, Park Hye Hoon, who died suddenly of a heart attack ,,,,,
door locked from inside and even then the opening with a broken down,,,,
leg pain was not a step stops to find Jean, who were hiding behind the pit where the patient was put to sleep!
Jimmy swiftly picked it up and keep him away from his private room it! behind that door, and Jimmy who was still clutching the shoulders of jean is still shaking, could only whisper a word,,, ,,,,, “,,,,,,,,, I really apologize for this day ,, all ,,,,” Jimmy had kissed the top of the crown of the head of Jean, and her hair is so fragrant, making it feel what was fought for space at the head of Jean namely his problems,,, but Jean still not answered, ,,,
Jimmy who increasingly feel there is a prop only see through a crack in his arm that embraces Jean tight, rapid pulse suddenly turned weak from the hand of Jean who stuck closely to the chest Jimmy,, ,,,,,, more worrying was once again Jean fainting, ,,, but this time he was not breathing at all ,,,,,,

# In the USA Hospital Directory,,,

Jimmy is not capable of handling her boyfriend who were in poor condition now, all hoses drip stuck in his hand,,, pulmotor and oxygen tank on the right and left, Jean was in a coma,,
Jimmy can only submit the matter to his closest colleague, Jong-Sang which is also the original Korean,,,,
from the glass window as long as he continues to contemplate the attitude is always rude to Jean, Love first made possible will be love last,, a bad thought it was tense today,, what Jean might be survivors remember the fathers, mothers, and sisters Jean male who also died because of this attack, if Jean did not survive him,,, he,,, said he, Jimmy taka it might be able to forgive her now ,,,,,,,,
hand can not even lied to him, at least help her to lying and do not show it to others that such a great young doctor he could not even handle the problem even for a woman who is so important in her life,,,,
even colleagues who told him to go to check the condition of the girl he now seemed to be no longer ignored,,,, she was very, very shocking,,,,
GOD,,, this is the last do’aku if you still want to grant it …. saved him,, if he should die, I’m willing to change my life,, heart there is no use if no woman who comforted him in all I’m dizzy with all the work that was already full of risk ,,,,,,,,,
Jimmy tears began to well up,,, under the chin,,,, hang and eventually drip on the floor made of marble,,,,

,,,,, I would not be able to live without my party clown princess,,, return him as they are,,, anyway, if he who should you take,,, I also will not function properly human adult men who lived,,, and were fragile heart,,, I hate the situation that made me choose,,,, I will give my heart for him ,,,,, he’s happy,, make him forget me and live with a man who could make him smile and not covered with wounds like me, ,,,,,,,,,
God,,,, I’m sure you hear me ,,,,,,,
tomorrow,,, you can take my life,,,,
Jimmy started to close my eyes ever since been leaning on the glass,,, windows …………

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