# Memories of burst% GEUN Suk-SHIN Hye Legend chapter11 by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 at 15:05

bagus good job

EJimmy was still with his position being rested his head on the window glass looks more like an incubator that at first,,, reverie which he was increasingly dispersed return just remember everything he did with Jean, waste of time they have together,,, they use to joke, had laughter,,, even the sad moments that did not escape his ravaged,,,, eyes swollen increasingly unable to cover all of the center are on his mind now,,, Jong Sang, the co- working one patient who used to deal with Jimmy was also able to sense what his friend had been confiscated awareness now,,, age, for Jimmy is not important,,, AGAIN,,, ever since the patient is Jean,,,, actually this is is an opportunity that has been waiting since a long time,,, why,,, because,,,, since Jimmy wanted the very first he was able to meet with Jean to save the heart of Jean, finding the most suitable heart transplant to Jean,,, to live Jean, , who will awaken her life as well ,,,,,

now ~

see Jean who was slumped,,,, Jimmy reminded of the times in which they compete to see,,, in Hallyu,,, the complex of stars, the artists who worked in the field of art where ANJELL as a new band group was rising, to manage his time well, so they decided to find a manager,,,, manager of Ma,,,
Manager Ma also introduces a talented young stylish to them, that no other Hwanhee,, Shin Hye they consider to be bums for not having places to stay for sure, and must stay for the umpteenth time in Korea,,, since then, who knows what which makes Geun Suk whatever interested her accepting it as stylish,,, although a lot more stylish too geniuses are like Miss Wang, who, though already popular, it seems that he and two other friends still maintain Shin Hye,,, girl, , plain,,, beautiful, graceful,,, when seeing his face,,, surely you will feel soar into the paradise of the world,,,, until 2 months ago Geun Suk who began to fall in love,,, not because of his face, but sincerity a Shin Hye obvious that he loves women who held these jobs,,, although Shin Hye American girls, but among the others, he was the one who was polite, capable attention of strangers Geun Suk also,, ,,

5 months ago ~

video appears appalling, because as Shin Hye Stylish seems that proponents of women thought ANJELL, middle exploit this terrible situation, which is in a state Geun Suk Shin Hye conscious push to the wall like a man who wants to making out,, when in fact it is at all not true,,, Geun Suk was attracted by the Shin Hye, but she would not be possible as the low,,, … …………. and as the emergence of the video, seems also very pressing Geun Suk who was furious and turned hostile becoming Shin Hye, if that is not because of Producer Kim Ok Bin, then this will not happen,,, just to clarify to the press to Youtube it, , himself forced to pretend to date with the stylish, Shin Hye, which led to their first kiss,,, brief kiss a fair amount of time, 5 minutes to deliberate on show to the supporters of women ANJELL …. knows what is in mind that the time Shin Hye looks disappointed because Geun Suk already attracted the middle of a date with her idol, Hwa Yong,,, which was also about to kiss ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hah, have all felt the film was screened at the head of Jimmy,,,, 5 months later,,, since the event, Shin Hye are farther away with it,,, until they met on that rainy night,, at 00:00 in korea Behind the playground,,, which they say only the contents of the minds of each,,,, Shin Hye who was also starting to like Geun Suk,,, but Geun Suk who was not able to feel his pulse could only caught a glimpse of Shin Hye, ,, glare,,, upset,,, all that he did not understand also,,,, but instead the word that came out,, that the incident in the press it was something he wanted,,,, not to pity Shin Hye who has not have a place to look for her mother,, Shin Hye who could not even believe this too, only bowed,,, good cry,, ,,,,, so she felt the same and he even ventured to women kissing Geun Suk,,, Flash Kiss which was also a long 15 minutes but it flashes as soon as driwft ,,,,, Geun Suk since it began to understand its meaning he means in the development of liver Shin Hye,, but problem not yet finished because he thinks this merely plays to his cousin, Yong Hwa and her sister, Hong Ki,,, Geun Suk hate to be like these,,,, he promised to return it to Yong Hwa who was none other than Shin Hye idol hai (then),,, but fate brought them,,,, at room Yong Hwa,,, Shin Hye-au igau for ‘horse jelek’nya heard directly by Geun Suk,,, so Shin Hye who ran and suddenly realized he was crying after the flash was not a kiss sorry but feeling guilty due to his little friends that they had not yet united ,,,,,,, father Geun Suk who are having problems pulling the company back to return to America,,, Geun Suk who are confused about how to tell it all to the Shin Hye who also have started fall in love with him.,,, just trying to take her to a private movie theater ANJELL … in the cinema,,, who knows what made him want to watch movies Balad,,, Romeo and Juliet,,, that is Intime scene where,,, Geun Suk Shin Hye began to turn to ensure that the atmosphere remains warm and not awkward,,, why he once again lost control when a woman with him,,, Geun Suk was kissing her,,,, a,, passionate kiss that is hidden, which at first only stop in the vicinity of the lips Shin Hye,, but the walk from the temple eye Shin Hye to the chin in the form of fragments warm kisses,,, but he went up,, go back to the lips Shin Hye,,, Shin Hye touched the cheek bones and start crushing tiny lips Shin Hye,,, which oddly enough,,, invisible Shin Hye in the face disruption, or boredom, she actually enjoyed it very much,,, which continues to shut her eyes tight,,,, oh, what he did,, even a stopped Geun Suk,, see Shin Hye who looked so hope that this is not a dream ,,,,, But it was a shock Geun Suk Shin Hye just leave it alone, without words, and explanations for sure, and without saying goodbye to the America,,,, his letter digeletakkan only granted in table,,, which makes ShinHye hit,, to lose yet another person who is fully in his life,,, his brother, Park Hye Hoon, Kim Sue Jien (mother), father (Park Hwang Young ),,,, she cried, ,, uncontrollably,,, since it is equally alter them, so Jimmy the patient from the hot-tempered,, Jean plain daydreaming n become an attractive and sensible woman,,,, as well as adults,,,, until the events meeting 2 days ago on the plane,,, which resulted in his bed relationship,,,, just like that memories are popping up at Jimmy’s head,,,

however, her thoughts suddenly disappeared,,,
Jean who awoke from his coma,,, who turned Jimmy’s hand clutching the cold as polar ice melts it yet,,, directs Jimmy’s hand to his chest and kissed it slowly,,, he also sat as sodium absorption ratio ever happened to him a woman. .. Jimmy the masi silence that does not react to see that her maiden consciousness, which in his mind now,,, only Shin Hye should live,,, for him and the man who would later her happy, and Jimmy can only wait for time,,, but the times this he,,, really lost sense,,, Jean who see it as rigid as a corpse and vampire because his hands are as cold and as slippery as marble,,, can only think positive,,, maybe her boyfriend is being troubled over his new patient,,, and Jean was dismissed lamuman Jimmy, by holding both cheekbones Jimmy, raising it to give him a little space, medongak Jean pointed it at the face of an approaching to kiss her soft,,, a kiss snap diarahkannya to Jimmy,,,, but suddenly there came Jong Sang ,,,, to take Jimmy,, ohh,,, hard to say,,, for a heart transplant who remained resignedly ,,,,,, Jimmy says nothing, not complaining,,, only Jean who is still wondering what’s sebenanya from the depths of his heart,,, surely there’s something wrong …………………………

“Jimmy, you should be relaxed so that everything works,,, do you understand ,,,,” Jong Sang to encourage him,,,,” Thank you,, do the best for her,,,, I want him to stay alive,,, I trust everything is just to God and you,, “”,,,, I will,,, trying ,,,,,,,,,” Jong Sang nodded heavy but definitely ,,,,, “,,,,,,,, ,, you,,,, ,,,,, I did my best friend will not be able to receive ,,,,,,,,,, if he must – “a sudden halt a serious discussion of this by hand chop the screaming Jean shouting to cancel this transplant,,,,, what was he doing,,, how she could recover in time so fast,, Jong Sang and Jimmy can only shocked and awakened from his seat in the patient’s bed,,, but soon new diagnoses will be out hasl Jean,,
Jean was finally able to enter because it is in the operating room door was still not perfectly locked,,,
Jean was approached Jimmy with anger,,, and slapped hard Jimmy Jean could,,, ‘PLAAAAKKKKK !!!!!’ Basic “,,,,,,,,,,,,, BAD HORSE FOOLS,, foolish,, ka never even asked me what my illness,, What I do have the disease,,, ,,,,,,, trauma mean? Phobias? What a great physician rash and foolish ,,,,,” Jean went with a fury that is still buried him ….. Jimmy slap satisfied himself that was so stupid with the actions that will do that almost made him lose lived only love that Jean had in the world ……… Jean is upset,,, just keep walking-and-run,,,, until it was what his legs limp,, most important,,, Jimmy is still alive and he calmed down from the usual noise task force him to listen to aircraft that fly as well as her off and land,,,, and airs ………………………….

hehe the wedding,, entah chapter berapa
maaf ya bhasa inggrisnya kadang kacau,, lo lagi gak konsen
ini editan gadiezt,,, kueren,,,,



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