[Fanfic] "You’re Beautiful 2" Part 6 by ANJELL Lovers Fansclub Indonesia on Friday, 14 January 2011 at 18:45 TRANSLATED BY Shin by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 at 15:42

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Tae-kyung yet to release his arms, he really excite his longing for this

“Please release me” pleaded Mi Nyu.

Then release it Tae-kyung, Mi-Nyu eyes stared deeply, look at all he loved this woman.

“Where were you during the Mi-Nyu, why not contacted me? I’ve been looking like crazy!! Why did you just Perga” tannyanya blindly.

“Excuse me, do you recognize me??” Mi tannya Nyu little confused.

Tae-kyung became confused participate

“Even now you pretend not to know me, huh? What happened to Mi-Nyu?” tannyanya sad

“I’m not pretending, I really do not remember” said Mi-Nyu

“I’m not playing Mi Nyu” said Tae-kyung is a little upset with the Mi-Nyu answer

“Sorry if I can not recognize you, because I had an accident and I lost my memory menyebabukan, I can not remember my past again” said Mi-Nyu serious.

“Really??” Tae Kyung surprised

“Yes. I have an accident. And What once we both know each other??” Said Mi-Nyu

“You can not remember at all? Can not you remember anything about the two of us” tannya Tae Kyung.

Mi Nyu tried to think but still can not.

“Sorry, all are dark. But I feel like ever know” said Mi-Nyu

“Well … I will make you remember me” said Tae-kyung

Then suddenly kissed her lips Mi Nyu as has been done before, Mi-Nyu feel like there is electricity in her body, her heart skipped a beat without realizing he closed his matannya and enjoy the kiss Tae-kyung. Marry pretty surprised to see the scene and tried to be a good audience. Nyu Mi Kyung Tae kiss immediate release since June Dong suddenly appears and see it. Mi Nyu so completely wrong and ran away. Tae-kyung will chase but he was stopped at the sight of Dong June


Tae Kyung and Dong June each other, are stored anger in the eyes of Tae-kyung. Dong June also really surprised to see this detempat Tae-kyung, the more she saw the kiss Mi Kyung Tae Nyu. and Tae-kyung approached

“You know I’ve been looking for it, why are you even hide it from me” yelled Kyung Tae.

“You’ll know why, because I love her” he said casually to Tae-kyung very passionate.

“You bastard!! Shouted Tae-kyung

Tae Kyung Dong directly hitting the face of June until fall, then got up and wiped the blood coming out of his mouth.

‘You know I love Mi Nyu from the first even before you knew’ said Dong June

“Yes. I know. But the fact that Mi Nyu Hannya like me” said Tae-kyung

“It first. Now all are changing. You Hannya past him even now he can not remember you” added Dong in June which will proudly present state of Mi-Nyu

“I will make him remember me and one day his memory would be back” said Tae-Kyung serious

‘Yes. When the time came, she had fallen in love with me “said Dong in June with a relaxed

June Dong Kyung Tae passed away and looked at his departure was full of emotion.


Marry accompany Mi Nyu in her room, she did not really know if Mi Nyu for this loss of memory.

“You okay” Marry tannya worry.

“I’m very confused, what should I do? Why did he kiss me” Mi tannya Nyu still confused

“Tae-kyung said he had long been looking for you, he really misses you and always you are my girlfriend” Mary tried to explain

“I really like to know, but I really do not remember who he is” said Mi-Nyu still confused.

“Hannya June Dong who can explain” tiba2 Dong June sdh BRDA dikamar.
“Leave km brdua” pintannya on last Marry Marrypun out. Dong June sat beside Mi Nyu, their old self brdiam hnya.
“What you ingn tayakan me?” Tannya dong

Mi Nyu still
“What about Tae-kyung” tannyanya again. Mi Nyu ventured to bertannya “what’s true I have a relationship with Tae-kyung”
“If that too is true, you also can not remember it right?
“So it’s all true? Tannya Mi Nyu while looking for honesty in the eyes of Dong Jun, Dong Junpun nodded yes.
“So far you have been lied to me in June Dong” Mi Nyu could not believe it.
“No lie in me, my love really sunnguh not lie and I first menacintaimu than Tae-kyung
“It is the same you’re toying with my feelings”
“Which do you feel?

“Did not you can not remember your feelings on Tae-kyung?
“Setidakannya you tell me the truth so that I can remember past me, not lying this sepertii”
“And every second we spent together Did not mean anything bgmu? Is that visible
As dimatamu lie!
Nyu Mi Dong could not deny saying this in June as long as he’s always treated him well.
“Means nothing if I am in your heart Mi-Nyu” whisper with eyes glazed and left Mi Nyu own.
Mi Nyu he lay down in bed trying to sleep.

Dipejamkannya his eyes and then again when Tae-kyung pictured kissing her “why I can not forget it” whisper in the liver.

That night, Shin Tae-woo and Jeremy hope Nyu Mi-kyung come together but they must be disappointed, plus
Lag saw a somber face Kyung Tae.
“Tae-kyung, where Mi Nyu ‘asked Shin Woo while searching for Mi-Nyu.
“You do not succeed him, huh?” Jeremy asked again.
“I met him” she replied
“Then why are you so sad hyung”
“Because he can not remember anymore, he loses his memory is so accident. Jeremy and Shin-woo was very surprised to hear

————————————————– —————————-

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