Synopsis Taste of Love

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With his good look and outstanding in study, Jin Hoon (Jang Geun Suk) is know as a prince at his university. Jin Hoon always thinks that his piano skills are invincible among those at his age. However, he is beaten on the spot by Saya (Park Shin Hye), who at that time is a stranger to him. He, later, knows that his mother was Saya’s mother’s former housemaid. Things get complicated when his mother forces him to become  Saya’s butler.
At first, Jin Hoon is so annoyed and irritated by Saya’s expressionless reactions and surprised by her decisive thought and talent in just everything she does. He slowly develops feelings for her. Things are intricate when Hoon Jae (Kim Hyun Joong) comes to find Saya in Korea in order to propose her for marriage.
Chapter One: First Confrontation
Act One
New Year is coming very soon. Jin Hoon is wandering in a supermarket to look for a present for his beloved mother. His father passed away since he was three years old and left his mother a big debt. Fortunately, his mother got to be a housemaid in a rich family that helped her pay off the debt. And after the death of her boss, she quitted her work as a housemaid and came to open a small restaurant by herself. Jin Hoon is a good child. He has never worried her mom with his study nor anything else. Now Jin Hoon is in his third year at a medical university. In his teachers’ eyes, Jin Hoon is seen as a promising doctor in the future because of his outstanding performance and efforts he has put in anything he does. Besides, he is also known as a charming prince of the university with his piano skills. Whenever Jin Hoon plays piano, the music practice room would be packed with female students.
Jin Hoon is thinking what to buy for his mother. He wanders from one shop to another, from house-chore shop to jewel shop, but he cannot find the right thing that would please his mom. He’s passing by a crystal shop and something catches his eyes. It’s a crystal figure that  a mother is holding her baby in her arms. He immediately remembers that his mother used to have one and she really loved it. However, he broke it. His mother was really angry with him and he got a lot of scolds because of that figure too.
Jin Hoon looks at the price. It states US$120. He says to himself, “It’s expensive, but I still have some savings in my account.”
Jin Hoon decides to buy the crystal figure. He goes into the store and asks the seller if he can get a discount. While he is bargaining, someone from behind hands US$150 to the seller and tells her to pack the crystal figure for him. Jin Hoon is surprised with the attitude of that person. He turns around to look for the person behind him. It is a beautiful woman around his age. Jin Hoon thinks in his head, “She is beautiful but very arrogant.”The woman ignores him and continues telling the seller to pack the figure for her.
Jin Hoon is really annoyed by the woman.
– Sorry Miss. But I am also buying this crystal figure.
The woman turns her eyes toward him and says:
– I am seeing that you are bargaining with her and you haven’t yet made up your mind to buy it. But I already decided to buy it.
Jin Hoon is frustrated with her answer and lacking of social friendliness.
– who tells you that I haven’t yet made up my mind. I already thought that I was going to buy it for my mother. But you came and said that you wanted it too.
This time the woman turns to look at someone behind him and replies with softer voice:
– I am sorry for acting inappropriately but my boss also wants this figure and she wants to give it to her friend who she has not met for so long ago.
Jin Hoo turns to look at the boss of that woman. It’s a young girl with short hair wearing sunglasses. Though she is standing just half-face side toward him, he could see that she has something different from ordinary women. She also have a bodyguard with her. Needless to say, she would be a daughter of a wealthy family. Since the woman asks him again to sell the figure to her boss, he hesitantly replies in a low voice.
– But I really want it for my mother too. It is also important for my mother.
Seeing customers argue because of the figure, the seller raises a deal for them. The seller suggests them play piano because the shop has a good promotion for those who can play a piece of music prepared by the shop very well.  So who can play piano better will get the crystal figure plus a 25% discount.
Jin Hoon makes a frown  and glance at the woman with his eyes. He thinks that  would be great for him since his piano skills are invincible among those at his age at the university and he is always very proud of his playing. He taps the counter desk and says:
– Ok. It’s a deal. Who play the piece of music better get the figure.
He gets closer to the woman and says, “Will you dare?”
The woman looks at her boss and her boss gives her a nod as a sign that she accepts the challenge. The woman say:
– Alright. We accept your deal. But I am not going to play the piano, my boss will.
Jin Hoon looks at the woman’s little boss again and answers, “That’s fine by me.” And he suggests that he would like to start first.
Jin Hoon looks at the note the seller brings to him. It’s the famous country piano music of Floyd Cramer called “Last Date”. The music is famous for its new introduction of “Slip note” style to the piano music world.
Just looking at the note, Jin Hoon makes a little smile and says very softly to himself, “That’s a piece of cake. I have been playing it for several times already.” Then Jin Hoon starts his playing. The sound of his expected well piano playing attracts every single shopper who is passing by the shop. They stop and have a look at the piano challenge of the two parties.
The shoppers listen to his music attentively. As soon as Jin Hoon finishes his last slip on the key, the audiences clapped their hands as sign of praises to his well-done playing. Jin Hoon bows his head to greet and thank the audience. Then he turns to look at the woman’s boss. “That little girl is quite arrogant So let see how good you are.”
Without any expression, the little boss goes to the piano. This time she takes of her sunglasses and hands them over to the woman. The woman says to her little boss, “Saya, are you ok?”
The little girl’s name is Saya. She is the only heiress to the MD Group, one of the biggest jewel company in Korea. This is her first time to be in Korea after 13 years abroad. She was called backed to Korea just a week ago to take care of the business after his grand father, the only relative she has on earth, passed away.
Saya looks at the woman and rather not speaking, she gives her a nod to tell her that she is ok and ready to play. Jin Hoon stands behind and listen to the performance among other audiences. He listen to it very attentively.
The performance gives audience a surprise. The music is just so well played. It’s like it is taking people into the field of  the traditional music of the rural south and the cowboy music of the West. Besides, the music gives a strong joyful emotions. The audience and Jin Hoon himself are amazed with the performance. They listen and watch her unblinkingly.
Saya finishes her playing. The audience gives louder applause to her than to Jin Hoon. Jin Hoon makes a shocking hiccup and looks at her from behind with a surprised expression.
Before standing up, Saya puts her sunglasses on again. She doesn’t even bow the audience or even give a smile. Her maid walks to the front and faces Jin Hoon.
– So now you can finally reasonably let go of the figure. Thank you and we are also sorry for everything.
The woman gets the figure from the seller and pays her with the full price on the tag. Then the woman and her little boss escorted by a bodyguard walk their way out of the shop and leave Jin Hoon a disappointing look.
On the way of the shop, the woman talks to her boss, “Saya, is it really worth doing so? It’s not like you at all.”
Saya replies with a short answer, “It’s the first and the last time I do this.”
Chapter One: First Confrontation
Act Two
At Saya’s Noodle Restaurant …
Jin Hoon walks into the restaurant. He goes straight to a drink refrigerator ignoring the lady at the counter desk who is smiling at him. He gets a bottle of water to drink while mumbling to himself. He finishes half-of-liter water. He holds the empty bottle and talks to himself, “What is happening in Seoul now. How can this December’s weather is so hot?”
He puts the empty bottle aside. He opens the fridge again and takes another bottle, this time a liter bottle. He drinks and mutters to himself again without noticing that the old lady who is at the desk is looking at him. The lady thinks that there must be something wrong going on with him. The lady calls out his name, “Jin Hoon?”. Jin Hoon doesn’t answer since he is busy thinking and mumbling of something. She calls again with louder voice, “Jin Hoon ????”
This time Jin Hoon gets distracted by the lady’s loud voice. He answers, “Yes, mom. Why do you have to call me out that loud? I am here, just three meters from your desk.”
The lady looks at her son’s facial expression. She knows immediately that he is angry of something and there is only one thing that can bother him like this. So she asks, “Who is it?”
Jin Hoon takes another swallow of water and answers, “I don’t know her.”
The old lady is surprised and exclaims, “Her???”, “It was a woman? I wonder who she is that can bother you this much,” the lady asks with a small laugher.
Jin Hoon seems to be awaken by the question from his mother. He realizes that he just slipped an embarrassed thing out. He bites his lower lip and pants a bit.
– Ok mom… It was a woman… Not even woman yet, but a girl, maybe around 18 years old. She just beat me on the spot with a piece of music and left without saying a word…… Not even saying a word, but I didn’t even see her face clearly… This is my biggest embarrassment I ever have …
– “She must be something to be able to beat you like this,” the lady stresses it to him and walks off to the customer who is waving to her for bill.
– “Yes, right. She must be something,” Jin Hoon tells himself with a sneer on his face. “But… come to think about it again, mom…. Are you mocking me or admiring that little girl???”
Outside the Restaurant, parks a car. A woman in the car opens a window and look to the restaurant. It is Saya. She asks her maid, “Are you sure, it is the place?”
The woman sitting beside her answers, “Yes, the address I got from agent is right. It’s the place.”
Saya has a look at the name of the restaurant and confirms to herself with a slight smile on her face , “Yes, it’s the place… Yes, it is… SAYA’s restaurant…”
…… …
Saya and her maid walk into the restaurant. Hearing the sound of the door ring, Jin Hoon comes to the door in order to greet and escort customers to the table. Jin Hoon recognizes his customers very clearly.
– Oh, you both were the ones at the Crystal Shop this morning!
The maid comes to the front and asks Jin Hoon.
– Hello! We meet again. Can you tell me where is the owner of the restaurant?
The question is caught by Jin Hoon’s mother who is on the other side of the restaurant. She walks to the two ladies and asks if she can help them?
– Are you looking for me? What can I help you?
Saya recognizes immediately that it is her. She takes off her sunglasses and gives Jin Hoon’s mother a smile.
Now on  the front door of the restaurant hangs a “closed” sign.
In the restaurant, Jin Hoon and the maid sit on a table at one side of the restaurant while Saya and Jin Hoon’s mother sit the other side.
The maid introduces herself to Jin Hoon, “My name is Mina. I am a maid and also a foster sister to Saya. Nice to meet you.”
Jin Hoon looks at Mina and replies shortly, “I am Jin Hoon.” Jin Hoon is not interested in making self-introduction right now. What he cares is the conversation of his mother with Saya. He looks at them and tries to eardrop on their conversation, but he couldn’t hear a word since it is quite far.
Mina says to him, “You don’t have to worry. Your mother knows saya clearly. Saya just comes to retrieve a promise from your mother.”
“Promise??” Jin Hoon looks at Mina with a lots of question marks in his eyes.
On the other side, Jin Hoon’s mother looks at Saya, “Have we ever met? You look just so familiar.”
Saya makes a little smile while handing Jin Hoon’s mother a box. The lady opens the box. She sees the crystal figure. She picks it up to have a closer look….. The lady raises her eyes to look at Saya again. This time tears are just falling from the lady’s eyes unstoppably….. She looks at the figure again and then again at saya…. She puts the crystal figure down and she reaches out her both hand to hold Saya’s hands.
With joy, tears keep falling from her eyes.
– Is it really you? Am I dreaming? ….No, I am not dreaming, right????…  It’s really you?
Saya gives the lady a smile, “Yes, it’s me. Your little Saya.”
On the other side, Jin Hoon is really annoyed  because he couldn’t hear a word of their conversation. He sees his mother keep crying and holding Saya’s hand, that makes him wonder even more.
After half an hour, the secret conversation of Saya and Jihoon’s mother finally finishes. Saya puts on her sunglasses and Jin Hoon’s mother walks her and Mina to the door. Jin Hoon also follows his mother.
Jin Hoon’s mother holds Saya’s hands again and says, “You don’t have to worry. The promise I made with you at that time, I am going to fulfill it.”….. She smiles at Saya with a really warm look, “I have been waiting for you for all these times. Thanks for coming to find me Miss Saya.”
Saya smiles and makes a nod to accept her thanks and takes her leave.
Mina bows to say goodbye to the lady…. Before leaving, she turns back and says to Jin Hoon, “Oh, actually your piano playing is quite good. But it was just your bad day to meet Saya!” She smiles again and leaves.
Last sentence of Mina really hurts Jin Hoon, “What??…. What did she just say??… Who is that Saya girl anyway?”
While Jin Hoon is mumbling about Mina’s comment, Jin Hoon’s mother turns to look at him with strangely sharp eyes.
– Jin Hoon, go pack your clothes. From tomorrow, you will be Miss Saya’s personal butler!
Chapter One: First Confrontation
Act Three
At Saya’s Noodle Restaurant….
“Jin Hoon, go pack your clothes. From tomorrow, you will be Miss Saya’s personal butler!,” the mother tells her son.
Jin Hoon is socked with what his mother just said. He simpers shockingly and reluctantly verifies what he just heard with shaking voice, “Mo… mom…Whattt … what did you just say? If I didn’t hear it wrong, you said you wanted me to be that little girl’s servant???”
The lady stares straight to his son’s face and corrects his repetition, “Not to be a servant, but a butler!!”
“Mom…. it’s same different. A servant and butler are the same,” Jin Hoon tells his mother. He grabs a chair nearby and sits.
The lady takes the opposite chair and tries a new correction, “Ok, if you don’t wanna be a butler or a servant as what you said. You can call yourself an assistant or … a personal assistant if you’d like since you will help serve Miss Saya personally…. How is it??…”
Jin Hoon is getting more frustrated and says to his mother with louder volume, “Mom….Mom… why do you do this to your only son?”…..Jin Hoon takes a deep breath and continues, “Ok….mom…. Can you tell me a good reason why do I have to be that arrogant girl’s serv..,.eh….personal assistant? Yea…yeah….. personal assistant… why?”
The lady smiles and reaches her hand out to hold Jin Hoon’s shoulder. She looks at him into the eyes, “It’s very simple. Because you are my son. You MUST do what I ORDER!!….Is it CLEAR?” The lady stresses her answer with a firm face to her son and walks off to upstairs.
Jin Hoon is absolutely not satisfied with the answer. His eyes follow his mom. He is about to say something again but is cut when the lady turns back and looks straight to him, “If you don’t do it. LEAVE this house and DON’T call me MOM ever again!” Then she storms off, leaving Jin Hoon with a traumatized-like face of shock.
Saya’s Mansion ….
Saya and Mina enter the living room of the luxurious mansion. Saya takes a sit on a sofa and Mina tells a maid to prepare dinner for Saya. But Saya stands up and tells Mina, “No need. I am not hungry. I am going to work in the study.” Then she walks upstairs.
Mina’s eyes follow Saya, “Saya,” Mina looks at Saya with worries, “But you haven’t yet eaten anything since  this morning. I’ll make you a juice and bring it upstairs.”
Saya gives a small smile and nods her head.
Mina looks at Saya from the back as she’s going upstairs. She asks silently in her heart, “Saya…. Are you really alright?”
Saya walks into the study room. She walks straight to the opposite wall. There hangs a big painting of a lady sitting on a chair and she is carrying a small baby so gently in her arms.
Flashbacks of old past come into Saya’s mind. She sees herself celebrating her 7 year old birthday with her mother. She was so happy and her mother gave her a present. She opened the present box very carefully. It was a crystal figure of a lady holding her baby in her arms, the exact same one she  gave to Jin Hoon’s mother.
“Wow….It’s really pretty mommy. Thank you.” Little cutie Saya gave her mother a kiss.
Her mother looked at her with smile and asked little Saya, “Saya… Do you want to know why mommy named you Saya?”
Little Saya nodded and looked straight to her mom waiting for her explanation. The mother caressed her daughter’s hair and responded, “Because Saya is the only one in her species who has warm, kind, honest and loving heart.” Than she held Saya in her arm caressingly and started crying. “My Saya, you have to grow up like that Saya. Will you promise me?”
The little Saya didn’t understand a word of what her mother was just saying to her. She wiped the tears off her mother’s face and replied, “Yes, mommy. I promise you.”
“Yes, mommy. I promise you.” tears are falling from her eyes. Saya reaches her hand out to touch the painting and repeats the answer she answered to her mother 13 years ago. “Yes, mommy. I promise you.”
Then she gets distracted by a nock on the door. She wipes the tears off her face and answers the door, “Come in!”. Then she walks to her working desk.
Mina comes in with a glass of juice in her hand. She places the juice on the table. Mina looks at the pile of documents on Saya’s desk, “Saya, you are not going to finish them tonight, right?”
“Yes I am,” Saya answers. Mina looks at Saya and she graps some files to look.
“What are you doing?” Saya asks her foster sister.
“I am helping you finish this pile of documents so that you can go to bed early today. That is how every older sister does for her baby sister,” Mina answers to Saya.
Saya smiles at her. Then she grabs all the files back from Mina. “You have done a lot enough for today. Just go rest. I can do it all alone. You don’t have to worry about me.”
“How am I supposed to not worry about you? Since the first day you arrived Korea, you have worked all the time. You need to take care of your health too.”
“I am fine Mina. Don’t you forget, I am Saya,” Saya talks back and insists that Mina leave her alone. Before Mina leaves the room, Saya reminds her, “Oh, from tomorrow you just do job as my secretary. Leave the house chore to him.”
At Saya’s Noodle Restaurant/ Jin Hoon’s bedroom….
Jin Hoon is packing his luggage. He is burning with anger now. He could not understand why his mother does to him like this. For the past 25 years, she has been always kind, reasonable and listening to him. But because of that Saya, she threatened him of disowning him as a son.
To think about it again, Jin Hoon get angrier. He finishes his packing and locks the luggage. “Though you indebted her family, but you don’t have to go this far, letting your only son to be someone else’s servant?”
He kicks his luggage to a side of the room and throws himself on bed. He doesn’t want to think of what will happen to him when he is at Saya’s house for the rest one month of his semester break.
Jin Hoon immediately thinks of an idea in his head, “Ok let’s see if you can bear me for a week….ha hah… Saya….. You’re be dead meat!…” Then he laughs a lone like a fool.
At Saya’s Mansion……
The big clock in the middle of the mansion rings. It’s now 4 O’clock in the morning.  Mina wakes up and goes downstairs to drink water. She sees the light in Saya’s room is still on as usual.
Mina tiptoes into Saya’s room. She goes closer to Saya’s bed and looks at Saya, who is sleeping, silently with a sad face. Then she reaches her hand out to wipe of tears from Saya’s face and says very quietly, “Are you dreaming about it again Saya?”
Mina is about to leave Saya’s room, and loud door bell  rings several time subsequently. The rings wake Saya who was still in bed. She gets up and sees Mina. “What is it? Who is coming at this hour?”
Mina repies, “I also have no idea.”
Both Mina and Saya go to the door answering machine and press the button to see who is at the door.
“Who is that? What do you want?” Mina asks through the door answering machine.
And out of nowhere, Jin Hoon jumps into the screen of the answer machine which shocks the two ladies who are still asleep. Jin Hoon replies in the machine, “It’s me, Jin Hoon. I am here to present myself as a new personal assistant of Miss Saya.”
End  of Chapter One
Chapter Two: Lily of the Valley
Act One
At Saya’s Mansion / Living Room …
The three  are now standing in the living room. The atmosphere seems to be so tensing. Saya and Mina stare at Jin Hoon with angry face. Jin Hoon has a glance at the both ladies but ignores their sharp gazes and takes a sit on the sofa nearby.
“Well, why both of you are still standing there? Sit down and make yourselves comfortable,” Jin Hoon tries to loosen the atmosphere.
The two ladies ignore the invitation and keep gazing at Jin Hoon. Jin Hoon talks to himself silently, “Now I really meet two blazing-eye witches. But we will see soon that your magic can do me nothing.”
“Ok, you know right? Why I am here?” Jin Hoon asks the ladies, but they ignore the question. Jin Hoon smirks and continues, “Well, because my mother kept asking me to come and help you … and as a good child, I cannot resist her pleading. So I agreed to be your personal assistant.”
Jin Hoon finishes his arrogant speech and looks at Saya. It seems like he is waiting for Saya’s answer, thank word or something again. But Saya turns her back and says to Mina, “I am going to the study room and you tell him what he should know to work here.”
Jin Hoon sees Saya walking off without even laying an eye on him or minding his words. He gets frustrated and shouts, “Eh, aren’t you listening to me? I haven’t finished what I want to say. Eh…eh…you….”
Mina who is still there looks at the clock. It says quarter to 5 in the morning. She smiles and walks to Jin Hoon and says, “Ok… Though it’s still too early to teach a new maid, but since you are already here, I have to tell you the rules of this house first.”
Hearing the word “maid”, Jin Hoon jumps in immediately to correct, “Eh …. I already said I am here not to be a maid but a personal assistant. Eh… Read my mouth, Per-Son-Nal As-Si-Stant. Is that clear??” Then he continues, “But you said about the rules. What kind of rules are they??”
Jin Hoon almost falls asleep listening to Mina explaining the rules of the house. Suddenly he gets a knock on the back head which wakes him from his sleepy mood. He shouts, “what is it now? I’m listening.”
Mina finishes her rules, “So they are the rules that you should remember if you wanna be here. Actually there are some more rules, but they are not necessary for you. Is there anything that is not clear?”
Jin Hoon replies while yawning, “No.”
Mina looks at Jin Hoon with laughter and asks, “So what is the most important rule of this house?”
“Do not enter the study room, bedroom and the playroom of Miss Saya without permission,” Jin Hoon answers.
“I heard you are  a medical student. So less or more, you might be some helps to Saya if something happens.” Mina says softly which is hardly heard by Jin Hoon. So he makes a confirmation, “What did you just say?”
“No, nothing. Alright….Oh actually we are the same age, so you can call me by name.” And before Mina walks off, she tells Jin Hoon, “Since you came here since 4am, I can see how committed you are to this work… And you don’t have to worry, from 9am today, you can surely show your commitment to your new employment.”
After Mina walks away, Jin Hoon yawns and throws himself on the sofa, “I am so sleepy….This is because of that jinxed Saya that I have to endure something like this. But at least I can destroy her first impression me. So, I suppose that the first mission is accomplished…” Jin Hoon says to himself.
The same day’s night at Saya’s mansion….
It is now 5pm, Saya’s mansion if full with maids decorating the house and preparing reception dinner for it is Saya’s 20th birthday. Jin Hoo is moving the flower vases from one place to another. He puts the last vase down and squawks, “This is really……ey…. What kind of personal assistant doing this kind of hard labor?….ey….I though of making her let go of me in a week, but it seems like it is me who almost surrender on the first day of work.”
Jin Hoon utters while massaging his own hand. He looks at the backdrop on the stage and says, “Happy 20th Birthday! … It’s her birthday, I think I should let her go for today…”
In Saya’s Room….
Mina is helping Saya dressing.
“You will be a princess today,” Mina tells Saya.
Saya looks  into the mirror with a straight face and sadly says, “A princess or a clown, the person in the mirror is not me.”
When hearing Saya, Mina seems to realize that she just said something that should not be said. She touches Saya’s shoulder very slightly like she is comforting her, “Saya….are you alright?”
Saya wipes off a drop of tear from her face and replies with a made-up smile but sharp eyes, “This party is important to the future of DM Group. I won’t let grandpa’s hope on me going into waste.”
7pm at the Party…….
Jin Hoon now changes from a vase lifter into a drink server. He is standing in a corner holding a tray of wine glass with exhausted face. There are a lot of guests nationals and internals who comes to join the party. Jin Hoon sees a guest waving his hand for the wine, he ignores the guest. Instead he grabs the last glass of wine on his tray to drink, then he shows the guest of the empty glass and makes a smirk to him.
“What am I doing here? Mom, you see…??? A promising doctor of Korea like me deserve this??”, Jin Hoon makes a sigh.
Mina comes to the stage and gives and introduction to the party, “Good evening ladies and gentle men. First, we would like to thank all of you who give us honor to participate in this 20th birthday of our DM Group President miss Saya. We…….”
Jin Hoon is listening to Mina’s speech but is distracted by two people standing near him talking about Saya. One person say, “You know this party is not really for her birthday but to attract all the share holders and other joint ventured companies to formally acknowledge her as the new president of the DM Group.”
Another person continues by agreeing to the first person, “It would be hard to trust a 20 year old girl. Would you agree?…. But that girl is really something. She could control and manage things in her hand just for one week….”
Jin Hoon get back to Mina who almost finishes her speech.
“So let’s welcome and wish our president a happy birthday,” Mina asks the guest to give an applause to Saya.
“That witch has finally appeared?” Jin Hoon says to himself then look to Saya who is descending from upstairs.
Saya comes down with a yellow dress and high-heeled red shoes which are especially designed and decorated with hundred little diamonds that costs around US$800000. She looks so gorgeous and glamorous in the dress….. Her hair is folded up and the light make-up on her face perfectly suit her and the dress she is in….. Her eyes are shining like stars. Her lips are light-pink and glittering…. She comes with a self confidence and believe in herself.
Jin Hoon gazes at Saya without a blink. He seems like his soul is caged away from his body. This is the first time that Jin Hoon sees Saya with his both eyes clearly without sunglasses nor sleepy mood as filters.
“Is she that girl? …. I don’t wanna admit it, but I really fall for her now.”
Chapter Two: Lily of the Valley
Act Two
At the Party at Saya’s Mansion …
Saya is now busy saying Hello from one guest to another, from Korean to American, Chinese, Japanese and Arabian. Since she was a little girl, Saya has aptitudes for learning things really quick. She has learnt different languages and various musical instruments. That is why it was not strange that Saya could beat Jin Hoon on the spot.
Jin Hoon now forgets his serving role. His eyes are stalking Saya. In Jin Hoon’s eyes right now, the previous arrogant and blazing-eyed Saya already faded away. In replacement, only graceful Saya exsists.
Mina comes to Saya and whispers something, then they both walk off to outside of the house. Jin Hoon followers them.
When they are at the front door of the house, Saya is really surprised because in front of her, she see a small made-up garden with full of rarely-seen white flowers beautifully arranged in words “Happy B’day Saya!” And next to the made-up garden stands a familiar handsome man.
In that handsome guy’s hands is a bunch of the white flowers. He walks directly to Saya with a very elegant yet warm smile. He hands the flower to Saya and says, “Lily of the Valley… only for you…. Happy Birthday … Saya!”
Saya accepts the flower and gives him a hug, “Hoon Jae oppa, thank you for coming. You are the best present I get for tonight.”
Jin Hoon who is hiding behind the door is annoying seeing Saya hugging that strange yet handsome guy.  He makes a guess, “Is he her boyfriend? … If he is for real, then he will be a scary rival… ”
After the party/ on the balcony of the house….
Saya and Hoon Jae are now standing watching stars from the top roof of the house..
“The sky and stars here at night are beautiful,” Hoon Jae tries to say something to kill the silence. He looks at Saya with soft eyes, “Saya… do you know why I gave you Lily of the Valley as your 20th birthday present?”
Saya has a look at Hoon Jae and shakes her head. So Hoon Jae continues, “Do you remember when you first came to stay with my family? … You never talked to me no matter what and how I tried… The first time after two weeks, the first words I heard from you was the name of that flower, lily of the valley.” Hoon Jae watches far into the sky and continue, “Then you asked me if I knew the meaning of the lily of valley? …and I said I didn’t know…” Hoon Jae makes a small laughter and says, “It was the first time you made a conversation with you, but I could not even answer your question…. Then you said its meaning was ‘return to happiness’.”
Hoon Jae looks at Saya again. He holds Saya’s hand and continues, “Saya, are you happy now? Have you already found what you are looking for?”
Saya looks at Hoon Jae, smiles and releases her hand from his. She looks far into the darkness and replies, “Hoon Jae, you might not know that all parts of the lily of the valley are considered to be poisonous… So no matter how beautiful are they, people are still afraid of planting them in their garden.” Saya makes a sigh and excuses herself from Hoon Jae. Hoon Jae follows her, “Saya…. Saya….”
Suddenly Mina comes out of nowhere and blocks Hoon Jae’s way. “I think you better leave her alone. Saya needs some times and spaces to be herself,” Mina tells Hoon Jae, “Birthday, for  people out there, is one of the happiest days, but for Saya it’s different. You might understand what I mean, right?”
Hoon Jae seems to understand what Mina meant. He watches Saya walking off with a reluctant expression. “Saya… I have already planted that flower here,” Hoon Jae says it silently while putting his hand on his heart.
On the other side, Jin Hoon is wandering around looking for Saya. He was just helping send the guests for a moment, and when he was back both Saya and Hoon Jae disappeared. “Where are they? Where does that punk take Saya to?” Hoon Jae utters while looking for them.
Suddenly he sees Saya coming from upstairs. He, then, hides at a corner. Saya walks straight toward the garden behind the house. Jin Hoon follows her again. He see her entering a room on the left side of the garden.
“That is her play room. Should I follow her. But the rules say that maids cannot enter that room without permission…..,” Jin Hoon is deciding of following her into that room or not. “Well, since I am already here, I have to know what she is doing in there in the middle of the night?”
Jin Hoon follows Saya into the room. He hides himself in a dark corner near a locker in the room, from that place he can see Saya clearly. He see Saya holding a black dress in her hand and staring at a picture of a lady. Then she starts crying.
Saya is now talking to that picture, “Mom, I come to visit you now. Have you been well? Are you angry with me for not visiting you for these 13 years?’
“So that lady is her mother. Eh,… I must say… though she’s arrogant and strong from the outside look, Saya is sure like other ordinary girls.” Jin Hoon talks alone and continues spy-looking over Saya.
This time Jin Hoon has a sudden hiccup because he sees Saya is about to undress that expensive yellow dress and put on that black dress.
He turns his face from the sight and asks himself, “What is she doing? Isn’t she embarrassed undressing in front of a young handsome guy like me?”
“Yes, I am,” a sudden reply is given to the question Jin Hoon was asking to himself. Jin Hoon looks to the front of him and sees Saya folding her hands and staring at him.
“How dared you are here?”
Chapter Two: Lily of the Valley
Act Three
On the roof/ Saya’s mansion …
It is almost midnight, the sound of crickets and other insects kills the silence of the darkness in the night. They can see blinking colorful lights shining from trees along side the streets. The sound of bells from far away can be heard when the wind blow. It is a very beautiful night and it’s not long until the white snow cover this scenery with Christmas fever.
Back to Saya’s mansion, Hoon Jae and Mina now are standing on the top roof of the house and enjoying this scenery. The cold wind gives a chill to Mina who thinly dresses. Hoon Jae takes off his fur jacket and puts it on Mina, “It’s really cold here… You should get in.”
Mina looks at Hoon Jae. Her hands grab the Jacket tenderly and replies, “It’s alright. I have not seen stars in such a clear sky for so long. I want to be here a little longer…. Would you mind to be friend with me here?”
Hoon Jae looks at the sky and nods his head to accompany Mina. Hoon Jae has been Mina’s first love since she first met him on the first day in England. He is a perfect man with good look, warm and kind heart, rich and intelligent. There is an endless queue of girls waiting for him to choose if he wants. Hoon Jae lays his eyes only on Saya without even noticing that there is another girl standing there looking up to him.
Mina contemplates Hoon Jae from beside with very soft eyes and little smile on her face. Her heart starts beating so fast now because it has been so long that she could stay such close to Hoon Jae. She puts her hand on her heart trying to calm it down. She says silently to her heart, “If you keep beating this hard, he would notice.”
“Are you cold?” Hoon Jae asks Mina as he sees her putting her both hands on her chest.
“No…no… I am fine,” Mina quickly answers and puts her hands down.
Hoon Jae looks far into the darkness and says, “It has been 13 years since we first met… I still remember… at that time, Saya was still a little cute girl. Though she never smiled when we met, but her eyes told me everything.”
Mina takes her eyes away from Hoon Jae and looks to the other side with a disappointed face. She answers with light voice, “Right…. You have liked Saya since then. Everybody knows it.”
Hoon Jae laughs a bit with surprise, “Really. So my heart is really that easy to read?…. If only Saya could read it as you do, it would be great.”
Mina replies quietly to herself, “It’s not your heart that say, but it’s your actions that tell.”
Hoon Jae continues, “Actually, I plan to propose to Saya but I don’t have enough courage….. I know she and I are still young, but I want to let her know my true feelings for her…. Mina, what do you think? Will Saya accept me?”
Mina’s eyes are getting redder. She tries to hinder her tears and reluctantly answers, “I cannot answer it. You have to ask her yourself….. ” Mina knows that she couldn’t hinder her feelings anymore, “It’s getting cold, I think I better go downstairs first,” she excuses herself and leaves.
Mina walks quickly inside. She hides behind a door and cries silently alone………
In the play room …..
Saya is sitting on a chair while Jin Hoo is standing about three meters away from her. He is now acting like a thief who is caught by a police while being on his stealing mission. He stands there with his head lowing down. The silence really makes Jin Hoon feel even more scared. He lifts his head up a bit and looks to Saya, who is gazing at him with a straight face. Then he quickly lowers down his head again and hardly swallow his saliva. She thinks to himself, “Will she fire me?”
Before 7pm today, it would be his main goal to get fired by Saya. But now he would do just anything to hold on to working here since he decided to pursue Saya.
To kill the silence, Saya makes a start, “Who are you?”
Jin Hoon quickly looks at Saya with surprised face. He almost falls on to the floor after hearing this beyond-of-believing question. He asks Saya back with shaking and reluctant voice, “Yo…you… don’t know wh…who I am?”
Saya doesn’t answer but continues staring at him.
Jin Hoon doesn’t want to believe the fact that Saya doesn’t know him even though they have met a few times already. He comes closer to Saya and lowers his face so that he could get Saya to have a clearer and closer look. He continues, “Look at my face, my name is Jin Hoon. I am your new personna….. eh… your new maid who came this morning at 4am. And I am the only son of your former housemaid Eun Jae, and also the person who you challenged with  at the crystal shop….. Now you remember now?”
Saya makes no change on her facial expression. She continues, “And what? And why were you following here into this room?”
Jin Hoon takes a step back from Saya. He tries to think of a reasonable excuse and hesitantly answers, “Well…., I just…got lost.” He takes another step back and continues, “…It is my first day here, and the house is really big… I thought that this room was the stocking room…..” Jin Hoon’s eyes wonder around and meet a pair of boots at the door. He runs to pick up the boots and smilingly continues, “Because I need to put these boots away in the stocking room.”
Saya seems not to care of what Jin Hoon is trying to say. Jin Hoon looks at Saya and swallows saliva uneasily again.
Saya stands up and looks at Jin Hoon who is acting awkwardly with his clumsy excuse, “Do you really think that I buy this reason? …” Saya puts the dress in her hand on the sofa and continues, “…You don’t need to worry, I won’t fire you since I think you are new here. Just leave this room…”
Jin Hoon is surprised to hear that calm and reasonable answer from this cold-looked Saya. He excuses himself and leaves Saya in the room by herself.”
Jin Hoon walks off and  mumbles to himself, “What am I doing here?… Jin Hoon…you are really ridiculous…. What? … Using a pair of boots as excuse…” Then he turns around to looks back to the room and smiles.
End of chapter Two
Chapter Three: The Long Lost Memory
Act One
Next day / In Jin Hoon’s room / Saya’s mansion…
It is 2am now and the party was just finished 3 hours ago. The million-dollar luxurious mansion is now very quiet. The brightness of multi-colored lights in the garden doesn’t help hide the state that the mansion looks so lonely and isolated since the mansion was build far from other neighborhood. The mansion somehow looks like its owner who is always surrounding by people but she looks so lonesome and left-behind.
Jin Hoon lays down on bed. He puts his right hand under his head and his left hand on his forehead.  He seems to be really deep into some serious thoughts. He looks into the mirror on the right hand side of his bed. He asks his reflection, “Saya, what kind of girl are you?…” Then he reviews Saya’s pictures tonight. He thinks of her little cute and charming face. He smiles with bright eyes, “You know, you are the first girl that I want to pursue ..Saya…”
He looks at the clock on the wall. It says 2:15am already. “It’s already very late. I shall go to sleep.”
When Jin Hoon is about to turn off the light, he hears a very loud scream of a girl. Jin Hoon is sure that the sound is from the main building. He rushes down from his bed and runs to the main building.
In the main building, he runs into Hoon Jae who is also running down to Saya’s room where they think as the source of the sound. When they are in front of Saya’s room, they see Mina holding Saya and bringing her to bed. When Mina see both of them, she goes to them and tell them to wait for her outside. Then she closes the door leaving Jin Hoon and Hoon Jae outside the room by themselves.
Waiting for about 15 minutes, at last Mina comes out. The two guys rush to Mina and ask her the exact same question, “How is Saya?”
Mina ignores their question and walks to sit on a sofa in the living room. The two guys follow and have a sit in front of her. Hoon Jae steals the opportunity to ask Mina again, “Mina, how is Saya? Why was she screaming?”
Mina acts reluctantly. She looks at the two guys and says, “Since I trust you both,….. and I believe that you won’t have any intention to hurt Saya….. So I will tell you…..”
Jin Hoon seems to be really interested in what Mina is going to say. He goes to sit closer to her.
Mina continues, “Saya, she lost all her childhood memories…”
Jin Hoon repeat what Mina said and asks, “lost all her childhood memories???…What do you mean?…..”
Mina doesn’t care about the question and she continues, “Back then, it was a week time since I was adopted into Saya’s family, so I was not really familiar to anything….. I remember that it was Saya’s seven year old birthday. Her parents made a party for her just like today….. It was a big party with lots of people….. After the party finished, I went to my room to have a rest. Then I heard gun shot very loud from the play room. Everybody rushed into the room…..There we saw Saya sitting next to her parents’ body trembling…… Her body covered with blood of her parents. She couldn’t even speak. For a week she laid on bed and spoke not even a word…..”
Mina wipes tears from her face and continues, “…..Since then onward Saya couldn’t remember a thing, before or during the incident. Doctor said she was too shocked, and that effected her memory….”
Mina makes a pause and deep sigh, “….But she always had nightmares and screamed out loud like this time. So her grandfather decided to send her to England in the hope that she could forget things that happened here…. In England, she got better….. Though she had nightmares, she wouldn’t scream. This is the first time since then….”
Hoon Jae hands a handkerchief to Mina and says,  “No doubt that she looked so traumatized when I first met her…. But do you know what has Saya been dreaming about?”
Mina wipes her tears again with Hoon Jae’s handkerchief and continues, “That fuzzy same dream has haunted Saya all these 13 years long….. In her dream she saw the same thing…. She saw the blurred picture of her mother giving her a crystal figure as the present on her birthday. He body was covering with blood… She smiled to Saya and then disappeared…..”
As soon as Mina finishes her sentence, Jin Hoon inserts, “No doubt when I saw her in that room, she seemed like she was looking for something. I think she is looking for her lost memory in that room……”
Jin Hoon makes a pause. He now understands what is really behind her calm, silent, uncommunicative, and cold look. He looks at Mina, “So who killed her parents?….”
Mina glances at the question owner then at Hoon Jae. She draws her glance back  and replies, “The police said that they committed suicide…..” Mina makes a sigh and continues, “….Only Saya that knows what happened that night…..”
11am, At Saya’s Noodle Restaurant…..
With dark shade around his eyes and tired face, Jin Hoon walks into his mother’s restaurant. He walks directly to the counter desk, has a sit and lays down his head on the desk to take some rest. Eun Jae who sees her son coming back home with such tiring manner goes to him and asks, “Aren’t you working?….”
Jin Hoon doesn’t reply, so his mother continues, “You know right? If you think of coming back, you are daydreaming….”
Jin Hoon who is really tired since he couldn’t have a blink of sleep at all last night lifts his head up and looks at his mom with tiring but sharp eyes. “Mom, so this was the reason why you forced me to go to Saya on that day right? Because you knew it would happen, right?”
Eun Jae looks at his son with a smile and gives him a hit on his head as the response. Jin Hoon pats his head and exclaims, “Mom! what is that for?”
“It’s for you getting clever….., ” she answers and walks off to clear dishes on the table.
Jin Hoon follows and stops her. “Mom, you just answer me a question. Just one question….Then I won’t ask you anymore unless you tell me by yourself.”
The lady looks at the begging panda-liked face of her son who spent his night wondering about Saya’s story. She puts dishes down and replies, “Alright, one question…”
Jin Hoon has a big smile on his face when his mother agrees to answer his question. He continues, “What is the promise between you and Saya?”
Chapter Three: The Long Lost Memory
Act Two
At Saya’s Noodle Restaurant …….
“So, what is the promise between you and Saya?” Jin Hoon asks his mother.
Jin Hoon can see how his mother’s facial expression changes when she hears the question. So to assure that she answers his question, he hurries bringing up her promise, “Mom, you said ‘One Question’!”
Eun Jae has a look at her son’s eager face for the answer for a moment and she makes a big sigh like she finally decides to do difficult thing. Then she turns to a waiter in the restaurant and says, “Ji Yung, you take over the restaurant for me for a moment. I have something important to do.” After the waiter agrees, Eun Jae turns back to her son, “And you, follow me upstairs!”
Jin Hoon is a bit stunned with the overreaction of his mother to his question. He follows her and quietly talks to himself, “ ‘Important thing to do?’….. Why you have to look so serious? ”
In Eun Jae’s Room ……
Jin Hoon follows his mother into her room. Eun Jae goes to her safe box.  She enters code number. Then she takes out broken pieces of crystal figure from the box and asks Jin Hoon, “Do you still remember this figure?”
Jin Hoon remembers it clearly. It was the crystal figure that he unintentionally broke 12 years ago. That was why he wanted to buy a new one for her, but he lost it to Saya.
Jin Hoon looks at his mother again and replies, “Of course! How could I not remember it….. Because of it, you scolded me days and nights for a week long. Till death, I won’t ever forget it….. But you still keep its broken pieces?”
Eun Jae doesn’t answer the question. She takes a sit on her bed and put the pieces of the figure on the bed-table and she begins narrating the story, “You knew right? After you father died, how difficult you and I were… We were chased by loan sharks almost everyday because the debt left from your father….”
Jin Hoon nods his head to tell his mother that he still remembers everything. Eun Jae smiles with a sad face and continues, “..But luckily, Saya’s mother accepted me in as her maid. She was really nice to me, not that she paid the debt for us but she didn’t treat me as her maid but as a sister… I could not believe that she and her husband committed suicide… They loved each other so much and they lacked nothing…. The most pitiful one is Miss Saya. The one who was always smiling, joyful, playful and kind to people became a self-closed, cold, and traumatized person in just one night…”
Eun Jae makes a pause to sob, then continues with weightier voice, “…On that night when everyone was surprised and busy with the death of Saya’s parents, I took care of Saya who was unconscious from the shock. ….In her hand, she was holding this crystal figure very tightly….When I was washing her body, she woke up…..”
Eun Jae: Miss Saya, are you alright? I go tell the doctor to come and check on you again….
Saya grabbed Eun Jae’s hand very tightly and looked at her very sharply…..
Saya: No….Auntie Eun Jae, I would like you to do me a favor. Would you promise me?
Eun Jae: Yes, what is it?
Saya handed the figure to the Eun Jae….
Saya: Would you promise me to keep this figure safe? And Would you help me revive my memory back?
Eun Jae looks at her son again and continues, “….At that moment I was very surprised with what Saya asked me to do, but I just said Yes since I thought that she was just losing her mind after the shock…. Then she passed out again…. But who would have thought that after she woke up again, she forgot everything……”
At Saya’s mansion / in the garden….
Jin Hoon now is sitting in a bench in the garden. He now forgets his sleepy moods. Jin Hoon is really in a deep thought about Saya’s story without even notice that someone is approaching him from behind.
Then he turns to have a look at the play room nearby. He thinks about the promise between his mother and Saya and asks himself suspiciously, “But, how could she still remember that mom still owed her a promise if she really lost all her memories?”
The question is caught by Mina who is now standing behind him, “So, I see. You are now wondering about Saya’s story!”
Jin Hoon turns back shockingly from the voice. “Oh, it’s you! …. It’s nothing like that.”
Mina has a sit on the bench next to Jin Hoon. She looks far to the sight in front of her. “Don’t you think that peach tree over there is beautiful?”
Jin Hoon looks at the peach tree with no leaf far at the end of the garden and replies. “But it’s dying….. ”
“Right. …… right, it has been there for 13 years and now it’s dying….. ” Mina replies with sad eyes.
Jin Hoon notices that Mina is depressed over something. He continues to indirectly comfort her, “Though it’s dying, but memories of your 13 years are still there right? As long as you don’t forget that tree, it will always be with you.”
Mina turns to Jin Hoon with different looking on her face, “You are a very interesting guy, you know?….. Do you have a girlfriend or somebody special?”
“At the moment I am in love with someone. I am going to pursue her…. You know her very well.”
“I do? Who?…… Don’t say it’s Saya?”
Jin Hoon smiles as the answer.
“There is no doubt that you fall for her. She’s got every criteria that men want,” Mina answers with a said expression.
Without looking at Mina, Jin Hoon continues, “First when I met her, I thought she was just an arrogant and little brat girl. Second time we met, she was just a mysterious girl. Third time, she unconsciously shows her charms…. She is really interesting.”
“So you will be a rival to Hoon Jae. If you want to win Saya’s heart, you have to be really strong. To Saya, Hoon Jae is really special,” Mina advises Jin Hoon and starts to walk off.
End Act Two
Tadi pas googling nemu takdir sukkie – shin hye (april singkat sukkiehye ajah ya) dan menarik banget jadi pengen posting di blog PD setelah sekian lama ga posting, hehehe.

Langsung ajah cekidot:

1.     Pertemuan pertama tidak resmi dalam drama Nonstop 4 tahun 2004/2005
2.     Sukkie menjadi pilihan utama untuk karakter Goo Jun Pyo di BBF hanya saja dia menolak karena lebih memilih bermain dalam BV. Shin Hye merupakan pesaing kuat Go Hye Sun untuk peran Geum Jan Di dan takdir memilih GHS untuk peran Jan Di.
3.     Pertemuan kedua, pertemuan resmi pertama dan ciuman pertama dalam CF etude VIP girl tahun 2009.
4.     Project kedua, bekerja sama dalam CF Etude BB compact tahun 2009 dan mereka menjadi lebih dekat.
5.     Shin Hye menjadi kekasih Sukkie dalam YAB dan mereka menjadi lebih dekat lagi dan dekat lagi
6.     Sukkie lebih memilih Shin Hye dari pada UEE untuk Champagne Show tahun 2009 dan Sukkie bilang kalau oma-nya benar-benar menyukai Shin Hye.
7.     SukkieHye menjadi pasangan terpanas yang pernah ada dalam Melon Music Award tahun 2009 (april setuju sekali)
8.     Shin Hye menjadi host acara Gayo Daejun Award bersama sahabatnya Sukkie yaitu HeeChul Suju tahun 2009.
9.     SukkieHye tinggal dilingkungan yang sama (asyik dong Sukkie bisa ngapel tiap malem minggu, hehehe diKorea ada malem mingguan ga ya??? hahahaha)
10.    Shin Hye berzodiak Aquarius sedangkan Sukkie berzodiak Leo, itulah Zodiak yang cocok untuk menjadi pasangan.
11.    Dari 4 perempuan dalam ponsel Sukkie, Shin Hye menjadi yang paling dingat Sukkie dalam pikirannya. Haha!. Jadi, jika Sukkie hanya memiliki daftar terbatas gadis di kepalanya, Shin Hye adalah # 1?
►Requests for You’re beautiful season 2 haven’t stopped
Up til now, there hasnt been any proper talk about a season 2. There are alot of people who want a 2nd season and I also think that 16 episodes passed by too quickly. If i’m given a chance, I want to be in the 2nd season too.
►It seems that there are lots of regrets because it went head to head with IRIS.
I was at a loss at the beginning because the ratings were not as good as I thought they would be but there was nothing like dissatisfaction. Instead amongst criticism, i felt grateful towards the crew and my younger coactors that we were able keep the ratings at 2 digits
►Seems that you are like Hwang tae kyung in real life as well – a bit picky (& hard to deal with)
I do have a perfectionist side to me like hwang tae kyung. But i’m not self centred. But living as tae kyung, i realised that I am a little like him. From now i need to hurry and leave tae kyung behind because I need to take up other roles.
►I’ve heard that you’ve been receiving alot of role offers
There have been alot of scripts which have been sent to us and I’ve split them between me and my manager to read. We will slowly consider the next project. Actually I had wanted to try a romantic comedy like You’re beautiful. If a chace arises next time I want to try a romantic comedy one more time. I think a love story about an older girl and a younger guy would be great.
►In the drama, you had kissing scenes with Park Shin Hye and UEE
I’ve shot a kissing scene before with shin hye before in a cosmetic cf before. That time it was a deep kiss so this time during the drama, it seems like there wasnt any pressure. But I was a bit afraid of the kissing scene with UEE. There are alot of guys out there who admire her, so I worried about being hit. So with UEE, we filmed it without NG. Hahahha
►This drama had a lot of newcomers. It seems that you had a hard time as the eldest.
This was something that happened at the ending party. The director was drunk and said to Lee Hongki “Geun Suk had opposed the casting”. But after the ending party, Hongki said to the producers “If anything, because of Geun suk hyung, I was able to act with more responsibility” Because of my younger co-actors who were so well-mannered like Hongki, I was able to act more comfortably.
►In the movie ‘The case of the itaewon Homicide”, you showed impressive acting. It seems that you were expecting something from the Blue dragon awards
I dont feel regretful because I wasnt nominated at this year’s blue dragon film awards. I’m only 23 by korean age and next year i will be 24. I think that at my age, the important thing is the process and not the result. The blue dragon film awards are held every year so i believe that one day i will be able to get an award.
►You’ve debuted for 13 years but you havent had any scandals
I also think i havent had any scandals. Why? (Park Shin Hye- jang geun suk got No1 in a poll “Which drama couple would u like to see dating in real life”) It seems that there wont be any rumours about me dating Shin hye later on. (Jokingly) I dont know about marriage rumours though. Hahaha. My mum says that Shin hye is prosperous looking and likes her alot because we are compatible for marriage (via fortunetelling). It seems that my mum knows Shin hye’s age and zodiac sign and went to have to checked out by a fortuneteller.
►Female fans are curious about jang Geun Suk’s ideal girl
I still believe in love at first sight. I was attracted to the girlfriends I’ve had in the past when I first laid my eyes on them. but It seems i change my ideal girl every year. Last year ot was Han Hye Jin but lately I like someone like soo Ae. Even though I seem to be an open guy, i’m actually quite conservative. That’s why i like feminine girls.
They only sleep one to two hours a night and are wrestling with last-minute script pages, but the You’re Beautiful team was asked for a short interview. The clock read 1:30 am. The reason the interview went longer than asked is because of those unstoppable “pretty boys.” At times serious, at times playful, their moonlit chatter doesn’t stop. This is the unstoppable relay between Jang Geun-seok, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-ki, and Jung Yong-hwa.
How would it be having a girlfriend like Go Mi-nam?
Hong-ki: “Go Mi-nam is a really pure and kind girl, although her appearance is boyish.”
Geun-seok: “I think I’d feel burdened. If we dated, I’d feel like she might get dirtier.”
Hong-ki: “I’d feel too sorry to her to date. She’s so kind that even if I did something wrong, she’d keep forgiving me. I like fun girls. Someone where we build up a lot of memories and affection by going through a lot of problems and incidents together.”
Geun-seok (in rapid interview mode): “Hong-ki, do you have an ideal woman among celebrities?”
Hong-ki (very seriously): “I do. Song Hye-gyo. What about you, Geun-seok hyung?”
Geun-seok (momentarily pausing): “I don’t. Um… Aside from Park Shin-hye, I don’t have anyone. Keke.”
Yong-hwa: “I like good-hearted girls. Someone who doesn’t lie, who shows her emotions on her face… I like Go Mi-nam, too. Since I’m Shin-woo.”
Geun-seok: “What if Park Shin-hye asked to date you?”
Shin-hye (suddenly solemn): “That will not happen.”
Yong-hwa (with a special smile): “I’d have to take care of her. Because I’m Shin-woo.”
HIGH CUT:: “Shin-hye sshi, between the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung, gentle Kang Shin-woo, and quirky Jeremy, who is closest to your ideal man?”
Shin-hye: “Choose between prickly, gentle, and quirky? Um… As a character, the most attractive is the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung?”
Geun-seok: “Ah… so Shin-hye shows her feelings for me again.”
Yong-hwa: “I’m telling you, no matter how much I cover her with that towel, it’s no use.” [Jung Yong-hwa earned the nickname of “Towel Guy” for the scene in the men’s locker room for covering Go Mi-nam’s eyes with a towel.]
Shin-hye: “Hwang Tae-kyung is the one to fall for the more you see him, Kang Shin-woo is the one who draws you the moment you see him, and Jeremy’s always fun to be with. To be honest, if I had to pick one between them it would be the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung.”
HIGH CUT:: “Do you like bad boys?”
Shin-hye: “Not exactly… um…”
Geun-seok: “If you ask women about liking bad boys, they will mostly deny it, but it’s true. They’d die before admitting it though.”
Shin-hye: “I never said I’d die before admitting it.” [Using Go Mi-nam’s speech pattern] “Yes, that is true. You are attractive.”
Nicknames Renai-Jang, Avant-Hye, Hong-Star, Bolmae-Jung
Shin-hye: “There are nicknames we have for each other on set. Renai-Jang, Bolmae-Jung, Hong-Star, Avant-Hye…”
Geun-seok: “Shin-hye came up with Renai-jang, and I came up with Avant-Hye. Renai-jang comes from Renaissance Jang, because my ideal woman is a Renaissance type woman.”
HIGH CUT:: “Renaissance style? @.@”
Shin-hye: “Really feminine, very wifely and motherly. It’s like the style of women in the paintings drawn from the Renaissance to Rococo eras, when they wore dresses with small waists and large hips, and carried parasols.”
Hong-ki: “A woman in body and spirit, whose every feature is womanly.”
Geun-seok: “Shin-hye looks very boyish in the drama but in real life, she’s extremely feminine. At Chuseok time, the Mother Superior brought steamed chestnuts. Everyone was eating them by just biting into them, but Shin-hye had found a knife somewhere and was peeling them for us. It was such a feminine thing. Saying ‘You’re so Renaissance-like’ might make her feel nervous, so I called her ‘Avant-Garde Shin-hye’ instead, which is one step away from that, or ‘Avant-Hye.’”
Shin-hye: “‘Bolmae-Jung’ means ‘Yong-hwa Who Is Attractive Just As He Is’ [그대로 볼수록 매력적인 용화]. He is incredibly talented in songwriting and music, and he wrote the rap on the OST song ‘Promise’ himself. ‘Hong-Star’ is because he shines on his own. When I asked, ‘Hong-ki, what should we call you?’ he said, ‘Hong-Star!’”
Hong-ki: “I’ve been Hong-Star star since I was younger. It means I’d become a star, keke. That’s why Geun-seok hyung likes me a lot. Keke.”
A.N.JELL idols talk about idols
Geun-seok: “What is the concept of idols these days?”
Hong-ki: “These days, idols are young singers in a group. If a young singer comes out solo, they’re not an idol, they’re just a solo singer.”
Shin-hye: “In the past, it used to be that idols were 17 to 20 years old, but these days the range has broadened.”
Hong-ki: “The word idol is actually a really good word. It means the victory of teenagers. But if you don’t want to be called an idol and you start to be called it anyway, it can be difficult, just because of that one descriptor. Of course, celebrities have to manage their private lives, but the moment you become an idol, the restrictions increase. There are incredible things you gain, but also things you lose.”
Geun-seok: “There’s also the image that as an idol, you don’t live according to your personal life but that you’re a machine-like thing that moves according to the fans’ wishes. I haven’t tried being a singer so I don’t know for sure, but an actor absolutely cannot do that. To move according to the plans decided by the management company, like a flower in a greenhouse or a puppet, isn’t what an actor does. I’m a bit wild. If I go to the hair salon, I go alone. I really hate having a manager make an appointment for me or opening doors for me. Because this is my life. School, friends, that’s all on my own time, so I don’t understand why managers have to care about that and come into those areas.”
Hong-ki: “Because I am an idol, I feel the same way as hyung. Everyone dislikes excessive meddling, but there are aspects that you can’t control, because you’re one team. You can’t help it because it’s not about you.”
HIGH CUT:: “On the other hand, you get grand performances, hot popularity, and fans’ cheers and applause.”
Hong-ki: “That’s something you can’t forget.”
Shin-hye: “If you win some, you also lose some. Actors have our own lives too, but there are things like scandals and gossip that make people talk. You have to take responsibility for more things.”
HIGH CUT:: “As you act as A.N.JELL idols, do you ever get confused between reality and acting? Like you’re a four-member idol group yourselves.”
Shin-hye: “For me, after being with all four of us, when I find myself alone I feel empty. I start feeling down.”
Geun-seok: “Aside from an hour or two to shower, we’re together almost 24 hours a day. We’re really like an idol group.”
Shin-hye: “Actually, our lives right now are a lot like idols’ lives.”
Geun-seok: “Our shooting schedule is like an idol’s schedule. When we get the scripts, we barely have time to get familiar with them before we have to start shooting the next morning. Sometimes I feel sad about it, but finding your best within that is the skill of an actor. Everyone’s doing such a scary-good job that it’s startling.”
Hong-ki: “As we act, we barely have enough time to find own selves, but in the middle of that whirlpool we joke around and chat with each other. That may be an idol-like thing. Geun-seok hyung is good friends with a lot of idols. Shin-hye is good friends with me, and I’m an idol too.”
Shin-hye: “Of course! You’re the only idol I’m close to.”
In between the cast’s friendship and passion
HIGH CUT:: “Geun-seok sshi recently posted a message on the drama’s forum, which became widely talked about. The part about ‘It was my fault’ left an impression.”
Geun-seok: “My dongsaengs [younger castmates] had already written messages on the forums asking people to tune in. But I’m the eldest. This is my first time being the oldest on set. I thought that as the lead, I could have an influence on my dongsaengs, and it made me think about things more than the others. Rather than asking for people to watch, I thought that it might click more with people to express my thoughts about how things were, leading to the halfway point. It also came from feeling the burden. In any case, I couldn’t not talk about the ratings… I’m always like that to my dongsaengs, saying let’s not focus on the percentages but let’s have fun amongst ourselves. But because these guys are doing so well, I sometimes wonder if it’s a problem with me. As we came to the halfway point, I thought a lot about this and that.”
HIGH CUT:: “What’s your secret for gaining praise from viewers even while you’re wrestling with last-minute script pages and a killer schedule?”
Geun-seok: “All of us are pretty smart. We all know what ground we have to cover, our roles, and what we have to clearly express in each scene. If we are lacking in anything, it’s that we talk honestly with each other without reservations. That’s not regarding the acting, though… Also, when actors are working off each other, it’s difficult to maintain the same tension among all four people, but Shin-hye, Hong-ki, Yong-hwa and I amazingly are in tune with each other.”
Shin-hye: “Each of the four members has our own corner so the structure is like a rectangle, and a rectangle can’t roll. But it seems like we’re rolling along like a circle. We’re all similar in age, too…”
HIGH CUT:: “Because you each have an abundance of your own individual characteristics, it can’t be easy to roll along…”
Hong-ki: “I think we’re rolling along well because our personalities are pretty distinct.”
Shin-hye: “We make up for the gaps with the others, like fitting pieces to a puzzle. If a script comes out today that we’ll start filming tomorrow, we don’t have time to memorize it properly but when we work, it comes together so well it’s almost unreal. It’s amazing teamwork.”
Hong-ki: “When working with FT Island, when I get really tired, I can get bad-tempered. But here, when I get tired I joke around with Yong-hwa and Geun-seok hyung. When I arrive at the set in the mornings, Yong-hwa pounds on my car window. I’m a bit reserved, but we became friends right away. I’ve heard that people who are a little weird get along well. When I see Geun-seok hyung, he glares first. And I talk a lot with Shin-hye. I don’t have any time to feel depressed.”
Geun-seok (suddenly): “If you want to know what it’s like [in a sudden booming voice], KOONG!
The three others (In perfect order, as though they were waiting for it): “JJAK!
Koong-jjak is a sort of onomatopoeic expression of rhythm, like bang-thump.
Geun-seok (With Hwang Tae-kyung’s proud expression): “This is what our relationship is like.”
Shin-hye: “When Geun-seok oppa says ‘koong,’ we immediately say ‘jjak.’ That’s our relationship.”
What “You’re Beautiful” means in my life
Shin-hye: “It’s the best present to my 20-year-old self.”
Hong-ki: “It’s my best work after acting again as an adult.”
Yong-hwa: “It has a huge meaning that can’t be said in words. This is my first time on television, and I can’t forget it. There are the nicknames Towel Guy, even Milk Guy.”
Hong-ki: “Geun-seok hyung must feel so honored to have met Hong-ki…”
Geun-seok: “Um… It’s the fairy-tale-like story of young, beautiful kids. At some point, I’m sure I’ll change and go more macho, and my body will probably change. I want to pick out what the current, 23-year-old Jang Geun-seok looks like now, in this best time of life, the most beautiful time…”
Hong-ki: “The most ‘flower-like’ time. We’re flower buds, and hyung, you’ve bloomed. Keke.”
HIGH CUT:: “Shall we end this chat here for our flower-like young men?”
All four members: “Yes, thank you. Please don’t watch IRIS. Keke.”

[LYRICS] Calling Out – F(x) Luna and Krystal (OST Cinderella’s Stepsister) [Hangul + Romanization + english + Indonesian]

nareul kkaeuneun weroume
jichyeobeorin jameseo kkaemyeon
yeojeonhi utneun geudaega
nado mollae miso jitneunde
ireoke tto sarangeun gago
areumdaun gyejeori omyeon
niga namgin seulpeume
naneun tto i georil geotneunda
haru tto haru na saragadaga
geudae ireume tto nunmuri namyeon haah
na chameul su eobseo
ireoke useul su eobseo
tto geudae ireum bulleo bonda
gaseume nameun sangcheodo ijen
geudae ireun ijeuraneunde
nae ipsureul kkaemulgo chamabwado
nae saram neo hana ppuningeol
haru tto haru na saragadaga
geudae ireume tto nunmuri namyeon woo..
na chameul su eobseo
ireoke useul su eobseo
tto geudae ireum bulleo bonda
amureochi anke saragadaga
sarangi tto geuriul ttaemyeon
geudaega namgin apeume
nado moreuge nunmul heulline
haru tto haru na saragadaga
geudae ireume tto nunmuri namyeon
na chameul su eobseo
ireoke useul su eobseo
tto geudae ireum bulleobonda
내가 나를 외로움에서 깨어
내가 그들의 facewhich 항상 웃는 모른 미소를 만드는
이걸 다른 사람 leavesand처럼
언제 다른 아름다운 계절 arriveswith
슬픔과 그리움 당신을 위해 당신이 남긴
실망이 거리 다시 걸을
매일 같이
lifeI teary 그의 이름을 듣고
내가 당신에게 그것을 물을 없습니다
내가 이렇게 웃을 없습니다
다시는 그의 이름을 불러보세요
그는 마음에 남아있는 상처로
나는 그의 namealthough 잊지려고
입술을 inmy 사랑 그것을 막으려고 물어에만있다
오늘도 인생을 살아
내가 teary 그의 이름을 듣고
나는 그것을 물을 없습니다, 이렇게 웃을 없습니다
다시는 그의 이름을 불러보세요
일이 인생을 아무것도
내가 월터 그는 뒤에 남아있다 상처에 대한 갈망 해요
내가 알지 못하고 운다
매일 인생을 살아
내가 teary 그의 이름을 듣고
내가 당신에게 () 내가 이렇게 웃을 수없는 그것을 물을 없습니다 그것을 물을 없습니다
다시는 그의 이름을 불러보세요
When I wake up from theloneliness that wakes me up
I think about their always smiling facewhich makes me smile without knowing
Like this another person leavesand
when another beautiful season arriveswith
the sadness and longing for you which you left behind
I walk down this street again
Day after day as
I live my lifeI get teary after hearing his name
I can’t hold it in,
I can’t laugh like this
I try calling his name again
With the scar he left on my heart
I’m trying to forget his namealthough
I bite my lips trying to hold it inmy love is only you
Day after day as I live my life
I get teary after hearing his name
I can’t hold it in, I can’t laugh like this
I try calling his name again
I live my life pretending nothing has happened
When I’m longing for lovewith the hurt he has left behind
I start to cry without knowing
Day after day as I live my life
I get teary after hearing his name
I can’t hold it in (can’t hold it in)I can’t laugh like this
I try calling his name again
Ketika aku terbangun dari kesepian yang membangunkan aku
Aku memikirkan mereka selalu tersenyum facewhich membuat saya tersenyum tanpa tahu
Seperti ini leavesand orang lain
saat indah musim arriveswith lain
kesedihan dan kerinduan untuk Anda yang Anda tinggalkan
Aku berjalan di jalan ini lagi
Hari demi hari sebagai
Saya tinggal lifeI saya mendapatkan berkaca-kaca setelah mendengar namanya
Aku tidak bisa menahannya,
Aku tidak bisa tertawa seperti ini
Saya mencoba memanggil namanya lagi
Dengan dia meninggalkan bekas luka di hatiku
Aku berusaha melupakan namealthough nya
Aku menggigit bibirku mencoba memegangnya inmy cinta hanya Anda
Hari demi hari saya menjalani hidup saya
Aku berkaca-kaca setelah mendengar namanya
Aku tidak bisa menahannya, aku tidak bisa tertawa seperti ini
Saya mencoba memanggil namanya lagi
Aku menjalani hidup saya pura-pura tidak ada yang terjadi
Ketika saya sedang merindukan lovewith luka dia telah meninggalkan
Aku mulai menangis tanpa tahu
Hari demi hari saya menjalani hidup saya
Aku berkaca-kaca setelah mendengar namanya
Aku tidak bisa menahannya (tidak dapat menahan diri) saya tidak bisa tertawa seperti ini
Saya mencoba memanggil namanya lagi
Jang Geun Suk: ‘During filming, I fell in love with…’

During the filming of KBS2 TV ‘Jang Geun Suk – Ideal Type World Cup Special’, Jang Geun Suk made a few shocking confessions.

He confesses that he had fallen in love during drama filming.
Who did he fall in love with?

It was during the time where I was filming ‘Hwang Jing Yi’ and it was a difficult period as I had just broken up with my girlfriend. I was too engrossed in my role and I ended up liking Han Ji Won nuna alot.

When I was filming ‘Hong Gil Dong’, I had a few kiss scenes with Sung Yuri nuna. My heart was fluttering when I filmed the scenes.

So, what about Park Shin Hye, the latest female lead to work with him? ^^

Jang Geun Suk revealed that Park Shin Hye and him has a special relationship.

We lived in the same Dong-ne (neighbourhood) and my mum specially likes Park Shin Hye. At one time, she even thinks that we were well-matched.

When asked what he thought of ‘well-matched’, Jang Geun Suk replied that he feels the same way too. (OMG!) ‘My mum even asked me to invite her over to our house.’

What’s more interesting is that Sung Yuri and Han Ji Won made a special appearance at the back part of the show, making Jang Geun Suk even more nervous! ^^

via Paran, OSEN, hangukdramanews

Park Shin Hye 2009.12.11 Cyworld entry

2009.12.11 22:34
열심히 그동안 모아둔 사진들을 한꺼번에 올렸더니 힘들…..
After putting up all the pictures I’ve been working hard to collect, I’m a little exhausted…
너무 재밌었던 촬영현장.
The settings of the filming that were so much fun.
그리고 끝나고 모여서 다같이 놀러간 스키장
And the ski resort where we all got together and went to play afterwards
볼매정과 유짱은 스케줄로 인해 함께하지 못했지만흑흑 ㅠㅠ
Bolmae Jung [Jung Yong-hwa] and Yu Jjang [the actor playing the future pharmacist?] weren’t able to join us because of their schedules… sniff sniff T.T
이런날이 언제 있을까
When will a day like this come again…
그래도 우리 다시 놀러가자규 ~~
Still, let’s make sure to go have fun together again~~
자를 마스터해야하지 않겠어 ?!
We have to master the S-line, don’t we?!
가르치느라 팔과 몸은 후덜덜했을 뿐이고 …. ㅋㅋㅋ
After teaching it, my arms and body are shaking… hahaha
준환오빤 점프하다 엎어졌을 뿐이고 ㅋㅋㅋ
Joon-hwan oppa fell splat while jumping hahaha
그렇게 넘어지면서도 재밌다고 다시 올라가자그러구 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
But she had so much fun she wanted to go back up again even after falling down so much hahaha
운동신경없다며 못탄다던 수은언니는 가장빨리 배웠구 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Soo-eun unni who said she lacked athletic ability and couldn’t do it learned the fastest out of us all hahaha
왕코디코디언니 미영언니도 내려왔건만 ..
Wang Coordi-Coordi unni and Mi-young unni also came down…
지혜언니는 끙끙 … T^T
Ji-hae unni tried hard… T^T
바람에 날아갈것 같은 헐랭오빠 ㅋㅋㅋ
Hul-leng oppa who looked like he was going to be blown away by the wind hahaha
늦게와서 못탄 홍스타 ㅠㅠ
Hong Star [Lee Hong-ki] who couldn’t do it because he came too late T.T
춥다고 방에서 절대 안나오던 르네장ㅉㅉ 남자가 이래
Renai Jang [Jang Geun-suk] who refused to come out of his room saying it was too cold… tsk tsk Why is a man like that…

다음에도 함께해요 우리
Everyone, let’s do it again

translation credits to: sunandmoon from soompi


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