i am wannabe

bagus good job

i will bean actress i can act as what i will be
 will be a paper i am white, clean, and ready to write
guess, what will i change?
black or white?
i will bw an universe?
i am large , rule the world, all the ti,e i ancient all my mind!
i will refresh all my bad feeling, and memories and water anhappies moment in my life

i will be a water keep on flow and be pure
uncontamined and can drown someone or something slowly but sure can be a friend or enemy

i will be a director in my life for that i’ll do the best to perform an attractive scene in my movie i’ll choose best actor and actress, manage them all, and teach all my crew to do, i’ll be the one and wouldn’t be beast
iam happy to do that
although iam bussy
have no time for holiday
i understand all the concept like am in love
a am wannabe
i will proud be me
be one only


About shiellafiollyamandasilaen

"Wish my creation can inspire a lot of people, at least they all whom are around me."
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